Human beings have been extinct four times so far? The prehistoric civilization of the earth is highly developed, but we can’t recover it

The earth has been born for 4.6 billion years, but human civilization is less than 10000 years. However, from various archaeological traces, we can find that the existence of human beings is actually more distant than we think, which has far exceeded 10000 years. Some people say that the history of human beings is actually the same as that of dinosaurs. Only after four times of extinction did we have what we are today. For example, the disappearance of the Maya people, the Maya people have developed a high degree of civilization, but disappeared overnight, this mystery is still unsolved.

According to the records of Mayan historical documents, human beings now live in the fifth solar period, and the end of each solar period is actually an extinction of human beings, that is to say, there have been about four extinctions of unknown human beings. But every time it is because of the end of the solar age and perish, so every time in the solar age, what is the human like?

There have been four human beings on earth

The first solar age was the period of the gentayan civilization, also known as the superpower civilization. It is said that human beings at that time had all kinds of super powers. The third eye of a man was the place where he could control the super powers. A woman’s uterus also has the ability to communicate with God. Every time she conceives and bears, she needs to communicate with God in advance. It can be said that every birth of a child is the will of God.

The second solar age is Mesopotamian civilization, also known as the two river civilization or food civilization. In this period of civilization, compared with the former, human beings had some degeneration and changes. They’ve lost their superpowers, and the man’s third eye is gone. They began to have a strong interest in food, a variety of gourmets.

The third solar age is Muria civilization, also known as bioenergy civilization. It is said that people in this civilization period have discovered that plants produce huge energy when they germinate. They improved and studied this energy and invented machines that can use plant energy.

The fourth solar age was the Atlantis civilization, which also became the civilization of light. They have the ability of light. It is said that they regard themselves as the God of the sea and have a strong sense of worship for the sea. How developed are these prehistoric civilizations?

Why did these four prehistoric civilizations die out when they were highly developed?

Two billion years ago, the first civilization was born. At that time, nuclear energy was already used, but it was eventually destroyed by nuclear war. Perhaps this can explain the phenomenon that the uranium ore in South Africa had a nuclear reactor two billion years ago.

Five hundred million years ago, civilization was born. It has been able to make aircraft and enter the sun. It is said that it was finally destroyed by aliens. This proves that the moon is hollow and the aliens are monitoring the earth.

Sixty five million years ago, the third civilization was born. It made use of the objects left by the last civilization. Very few human beings were born. In the end, they were destroyed by the impact of an asteroid, which explains the extinction of dinosaurs and a large number of creatures.

Fifteen million years ago, the fourth civilization was born, but it could not use nuclear energy. However, it could observe space from a long distance, and made aircraft, which was about the same level of civilization as we were 50 years ago. Finally, it was destroyed in the ice age.

This chronicle has had a great impact. Many people think it’s nonsense. After all, with the current level of science and technology, we can’t know exactly what happened in ancient times. These are just conjectures based on existing surveys.

How long can we survive now?

We are now in the fifth solar age. In the Mayan civilization, it is predicted that the earth will usher in the end of the world in 2012, but it turns out that we have not experienced the end of the world. Under the detection of scientists, the earth is still running smoothly, no one knows how long we will survive, maybe we will survive all the time, or maybe disaster will come.

So, guys, how long do you think we can survive on earth? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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