Human beings haven’t developed science and technology in 5000 years. Why have they grown so fast in the last hundred years?

Speaking of human history, it has been millions of years since then. With time, it has grown and evolved to today’s human civilization. It seems that the development of human beings can only be described by the speed of development from the beginning of drinking blood and drilling wood for fire to the present era of science and technology and artificial intelligence. In China, we often talk about 5000 years of history, because these 5000 years play a vital role in the development of human beings today, but we also find that in these 5000 years, the whole era has been basically in the era of cold weapons, and there is no obvious progress in science and technology, but in today’s hundreds of years, the rapid development of human science and technology seems to help the whole human being It can be said that the development of the past 100 years has far exceeded that of the previous thousands of years. Why is this?

Human civilization should begin with the appearance of fire. Since our ancestors made fire from wood for the first time, human beings have gradually moved towards civilization, and people who have learned to use fire have also ascended to the top of the earth’s species from weak creatures. At this time, people’s thoughts began to wake up. They began to have tribes, families and systems. The wisdom of the whole human being was gradually opened. People in this era have a strict hierarchy. They worry about food and clothing every day, and they think about how to eat and live.

In fact, in the past 5000 years, no matter what period or dynasty, people have been fighting for food and clothing. People have been fighting for territory for food, fighting each other and killing each other. They have always been in this dead circle and have no intention to engage in science and technology. In addition, the system of the times is different, even if you have outstanding talent, but there is no corresponding position, even if you really develop something that can change the times, it will not bring you honor, but unimaginable disaster! Human beings in this period have no mind to develop science and technology because of the times, which is also the reason why human science and technology has been stagnant for 5000 years.

However, in the past two hundred years, the development of science and technology has changed with each passing day, and the quality of human life has also improved by leaps and bounds. So why has science and technology developed so rapidly in the last hundred years? In fact, the big reason is that the society is stable. People no longer have to run around for food and clothing or even lose their lives as before. People will naturally spend more time in other places when they don’t worry about eating. After the industrial revolution, with the unification of the country and the gradual stability of the society, people’s attention has shifted from food and clothing to life, and more scholars have invested in the research and development of science and technology. With the development of science and technology, everyone understands the importance of science and technology, the country also takes the promotion of science and technology as the primary goal, and science and technology has become the standard to judge the national strength.

Although there is no end to the development of science, human science and technology are still developing rapidly, and there is no end to the road of science. As long as we keep going, we can continue human civilization.

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