Human beings may be the only civilization in the universe. If so, what is the significance of exploring the universe?

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When we walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, we are constantly thinking about a question: is human the only intelligent civilization in the universe? In the eyes of many people, the universe is vast and vast, only 93 billion years of observable range, the number of galaxies is at least more than one trillion, and the number of planets is even more difficult to describe.

With so many galaxies, so many planets, and 13.8 billion years of age, it’s hard to think that there is no other intelligent civilization in the universe. Naturally, scientists also believe that there should be extraterrestrial civilization in the universe, so when human beings go out of the earth, we start the great extraterrestrial civilization search program.

Scientists find traces of alien civilization through various methods. For example, they send Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 out of the solar system. They both carry a golden record of earth coordinates and human information. As long as Voyager is captured by alien civilization, the position of the earth can be known through the information on the song, so that they can come to the solar system to contact with human beings.

In addition to sending interstellar exploration spaceships, scientists also search for possible signals of alien civilization in the universe, and we have taken the initiative to send human radio waves to the depths of the universe many times, hoping that the alien civilization can receive the “cry” from human beings. Moreover, in recent years, scientists have also observed the sky through telescopes, hoping to find giant alien buildings such as the Dyson sphere.

As long as any of the above methods has a major discovery, then we can determine the existence of alien civilization. However, more than half a century has passed, and we have made a lot of efforts, but we still have nothing to gain. The whole universe is not as lively as we thought. On the contrary, the more we know about it, the more we feel that the universe is lonely. Except for the earth and human beings, it seems that there is no life information.

For such a result, many people are a little difficult to accept, for which scientists also put forward a lot of conjectures. Some people think that the universe is too big, even if there is an alien civilization on a certain planet, the distance also limits the communication between civilizations.

Some people think that alien civilization has developed to a very advanced stage, and they are not interested in such a low-level civilization as human beings. Naturally, we will not cross the interstellar space to come to earth to contact with human beings. These two statements can be accepted by people. Theoretically speaking, there are two possibilities. Distance is indeed the key factor limiting human beings to go out. It’s easy to understand that higher civilizations despise lower civilizations, and human beings also despise tiny ants.

In addition to these two conjectures, some scientists put forward the “zoo theory”, believing that the earth and the solar system are a biological laboratory set up by alien civilization, and human beings are “mice” in this laboratory. Some scientists also put forward the hypothesis of virtual universe, believing that the universe in which human beings live is only a virtual universe created by advanced civilization, and everything in this world Things and life are just pieces of computer program code.

These two conjectures overturn people’s cognition and make it difficult for many people to accept. However, if we think about it carefully, it may not be impossible at all. Humans keep all kinds of animals in a limited space to observe their living habits and activities. When human civilization develops to interstellar civilization, we may also use a planet or even a galaxy as a laboratory.

With the rapid development of virtual reality technology, it is possible for human beings to create a virtual world that makes it difficult for people to distinguish the true from the false. If human beings can create a virtual world in the future, it is possible for a high-level civilization that is tens of thousands or even hundreds of millions of years more advanced than human beings to create a virtual universe.

No matter how frightening it is, at least the four previous conjectures hold that alien civilization exists, but we can’t touch it for various reasons. In addition to these four conjectures, there is another conjecture that is even more difficult for people to accept, that is, human beings are the only intelligent civilization in the universe.

Human beings are the only one in the universe. This conjecture scares many people. If there is no other intelligent civilization in the universe, only human beings, what is the significance of exploring the universe? The purpose of human exploration of the universe, to a large extent, is to find alien civilization, hoping to communicate with many alien civilizations.

But now you tell us, don’t look for it. There is no other intelligent civilization in the whole universe except human beings. It’s really frightening to think that there is only one civilization in the universe. It seems that many people have nothing to do with it. There is no other intelligent civilization. It happens that human beings have no competitors and can enjoy all the resources of the universe.

If you think so, it’s a big mistake. Human beings are the only intelligent civilization in the universe, which really makes us think deeply. If so, there may be no significance for human beings to explore the universe, and even we probably can’t really explore the mystery of the universe.

After 13.8 billion years of such a vast universe, only human civilization was born. The result is that we feel really scared. It means that no matter how big the universe is, human beings may always be trapped in a small galaxy, and it is impossible to go out of the galaxy and explore the vast universe. It also shows that the birth of life and the birth of civilization may not be as simple as we think.

Of course, this is just our conjecture. No matter whether there is an alien civilization in the universe, or whether there is only human civilization in the universe, we can not abandon ourselves, but continue to advance along the scientific road. Now that science is in front of us, it means that it is the key to solve all these mysteries.

As long as human civilization has been developing along the road of science, no matter after tens of thousands, hundreds of millions or even tens of billions of years, we will unswervingly move forward. As long as we work hard, we believe that one day, all the mysteries of the universe will be revealed by us. If there is only one civilization in the universe, we should not be afraid, but should be proud, which shows how difficult it is for human beings to appear.

Of course, if human beings are the only intelligent civilization in the universe, it may also prove the correctness of the pluralistic cosmology. Standing in the universe, we think that human beings are the only intelligent civilization, which is a bit incredible and hard to accept. But if human beings walk out of this universe and see that there are countless universes in the vaster space, then it may be easy to understand that the universe is only human civilization.

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