Human beings may face “insomnia crisis”!

According to scientists, if global warming continues, people will experience more insomnia, greatly disturbing people’s normal life. An American media once reported that experts have found that rising temperatures in some places can affect people’s sleep. Experts through computer simulation in a large number of greenhouse gas emissions in the case of research, draw the conclusion that human will insomnia.

An expert named Nick and his colleagues predicted that if the global temperature keeps rising, people will become more and more irritable at night and insomnia will increase, especially in the hot and dry summer. Without air conditioning, they say, people’s lives would be a mess.

With the continuous emission of greenhouse gases, the greenhouse effect is also increasing. Many things have changed because of the greenhouse effect, such as larger heat waves, rainstorms, and higher and higher sea level. In recent years, scientists have been studying how much impact global warming will have on people’s health. This is a study that is difficult to draw a conclusion, and numerous hypothetical experiments must be done. Moreover, the related effects predicted by scientific papers are also multifarious, such as whether tropical diseases will spread more widely, cold weather will reduce the number of human deaths, hot weather will increase the number of deaths, and even flights will become more bumpy, etc.

This kind of literature now adds another prediction, that is, after global warming, humans will reduce sleep, even insomnia. Research shows that if global greenhouse gas emissions continue to remain high, people will have more and more days of insomnia. Experts know that the temperature at night is too high or too low will affect a person’s sleep, but no one has thought about the impact of global warming on human sleep. In order to study the impact of global warming on sleep quality, Dr. obradovich of Harvard University came to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention of the United States to study people’s sleep status using the survey data of the National Institutes of disease control and prevention. In fact, as he thought, the sleep of some urban residents is really affected by the rising temperature.

It is an undeniable fact that global warming and the greenhouse effect are constantly strengthening. I hope that with the efforts of all mankind, the earth can return to “health”. Health is gone, and what else can the economy do.

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