Human beings may face three catastrophes in the future, which need to be paid attention to. This is not nonsense

Four billion years ago, the early life of the earth was born in the ocean. After billions of years of evolution, intelligent human life was finally born millions of years ago. After a long period of evolution, human beings have entered the era of civilization and gradually developed into the present scientific and technological civilization.

Although the history of human civilization has lasted for tens of thousands of years, compared with the age of the earth and the whole life history, it is only a very short time. Although mankind is now a scientific and technological civilization, we still do not know whether human civilization can continue. You know, the earth’s long billions of life history, the birth of a lot of overlord class life. Especially in the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, dinosaurs were the overlord of the earth. The whole age of dinosaurs lasted 160 million years, but it was still extinct 65 million years ago.

It can be seen that it is very difficult for life to continue all the time, and it may be difficult for human beings to continue all the time. If human civilization will come to an end in the future, what kind of disaster will be caused? In this regard, scientists put forward three major disasters that human beings may face in the future.

1、 Global warming, hundreds of years ago, mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development. The power of science and technology is endless. It can help us to solve the mystery of all things in the world and make the quality of human life higher and higher. With the help of science and technology, human civilization has achieved leaps and bounds, stepped out of the earth and began to explore the universe.

We can imagine how strong human civilization will be in the future as long as science and technology continue to develop? It’s going to be beyond our imagination. However, the rapid development of science and technology has also brought a crisis to mankind. This crisis is the continuous deterioration of the ecological environment, the most obvious of which is the global warming.

The main reason why the global temperature is rising is that the carbon dioxide content in the atmosphere is increasing, which leads to more and more serious greenhouse effect. These large amounts of carbon dioxide mainly come from industrial production and various scientific and technological products. Some people may say that since we know that the development of industry will bring about a lot of carbon dioxide emissions, why don’t we just stop the industry?

But in fact, such a thing is impossible to think about. The future of human civilization is inseparable from the rapid development of science and technology and industry. If industry stops developing, the earth’s environment will be better, but with the depletion of the earth’s resources, human civilization will be trapped in the earth forever, until the end of civilization. Therefore, if human beings want to continue and have a longer-term future, the development of science and technology is inevitable. Only by leading the power of science and technology, can we go to the interstellar space and get rid of the shackles of the earth’s resources.

However, the rapid development of industry will inevitably bring more carbon dioxide emissions, leading to the rising global temperature. The consequences of the rising global temperature are terrible. It will not only melt the ice and snow in the north and south poles, but also make the sea level rise sharply. It will also make the frozen permafrost recover for tens of millions of years, which contains countless ancient viruses and bacteria. Once they are born again, they may bring great crisis to the earth’s ecology and human ecology.

In addition to these effects, the rise of global temperature will also lead to a series of natural disasters, such as the persistence and frequency of typhoons, the emergence of a large number of droughts, and the increase of the frequency of earthquakes. It can be seen that the rising temperature of the earth will affect the whole ecosystem. Once a critical point is broken, the earth may enter the sixth mass extinction. At that time, life on the earth will be shuffled again, and human beings may also be eliminated.

2、 The threat of the rapid development of artificial intelligence is familiar to us, which is also the most popular scientific topic in recent years. Now the world is in full swing in the development of artificial intelligence technology, we can expect that in the near future, artificial intelligence will enter thousands of households, into all walks of life, it will be as common as people now use mobile phones.

The artificial intelligence of human beings is only in the primary stage, and its intelligence level is very limited. It only carries out activities according to the instructions set by human beings. And this kind of artificial intelligence is not what we imagined. The artificial intelligence that human really want is strong artificial intelligence that can think and act independently. Only this kind of artificial intelligence can be regarded as real artificial intelligence.

But when artificial intelligence one day has the ability to think independently, born its own consciousness and emotion, will it still serve human beings? It’s very difficult to estimate. You know, once AI has self-awareness and thinking ability, it is no longer an ordinary level of intelligence, but another kind of intelligent life.

I believe many friends have seen films about artificial intelligence rebelling against human beings. In many people’s eyes, the plot in the film is only fictional by the director and will not happen in reality. But in fact, with the rapid development of artificial intelligence, one day the plot in the movie may really become a reality. Hawking had several warnings and predictions, one of which was about the threat of artificial intelligence to human beings.

Hawking believes that human beings should not develop artificial intelligence, which is a very dangerous behavior. Although artificial intelligence can help human civilization develop faster, once out of control, it may bring the risk of the end to human beings. Some people may think that even if artificial intelligence will produce self-consciousness in the future, it will take a very long time, and the birth of intelligent life is not so easy. Is that true?

In fact, the development speed of artificial intelligence in the future will exceed our imagination. The development speed of human computers and mobile phones is so fast that we can’t believe it. It took only a few decades to achieve leaps and bounds. Similarly, the update and development speed of artificial intelligence may be faster than that of computers and mobile phones. The most powerful part of artificial intelligence is its learning ability, which can learn human knowledge quickly by itself.

It may take only a short time for artificial intelligence to complete the scientific and technological knowledge of human civilization for hundreds of years. Learning knowledge has always been the synonym of intelligent life. Once artificial intelligence has the ability of self-learning, the evolution speed may be very fast, and it doesn’t take a long time at all.

3、 Asteroid impact, with the help of science and technology, human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe. At the same time, they also see the cosmic disaster that the earth may face. The universe is not a completely calm and safe space, in which there are many cosmic disasters that will threaten the survival of the earth and human beings, among which asteroid impact is the biggest threat to human beings.

65 million years ago, the impact of an asteroid resulted in the extinction of more than 80% of the organisms at that time, including the 160 million dinosaurs dominating the earth. It can be seen how great the threat of asteroid impact is, and the solar system is a stellar system with many asteroids. In addition to the existence of many asteroids near the orbit of the earth, there is an asteroid belt on Mars and Saturn, and the Kuiper belt on the edge of the solar system is an area with an incalculable number of asteroids.

So many asteroids pose a great threat to the earth. Fortunately, with the protection of Jupiter in front of the earth and the protection of the moon around the earth, the probability of the earth being hit by an asteroid is very small. Even if it’s a very small probability, it’s hard to avoid an asteroid impact like 65 million years ago.

The earth can withstand multiple impacts of asteroids, and the ecosystem can recover slowly after the impact. However, human beings can not withstand the consequences of asteroid impact. As long as a large asteroid impacts the earth, human beings may become extinct and disappear forever in history. Therefore, we can also intercept asteroids through the power of science and technology. Only with powerful interception technology can we really remove the threat of asteroids.

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