Human beings may live on the edge of the universe, or have been abandoned. What’s the matter?

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The earth is the home for human survival. After being born millions of years ago, human beings are full of curiosity about the world in which they live. But because there was no help from science and technology at that time, we didn’t know much about the world. In ancient times, people believed that human beings lived in the center of the earth, and the earth was the center of the whole universe.

However, with the rapid development of human civilization, we entered the era of science and technology hundreds of years ago. At this time, with the help of science and technology, people gradually understand how ignorant the past cognition is. Especially after human beings walk out of the earth, we really understand that human beings only live on the surface of the earth, and the surface of the earth is just the tip of the iceberg of the whole earth. The vast ocean and mysterious interior of the earth are places where human beings can not survive.

In terms of the center of the earth, the surface where human beings live is equivalent to the remote earth of the earth. Standing in space, we discovered the solar system and learned that the sun is the center of the solar system, and the earth is not the closest planet to the sun. It can only rank third. Although it is not a very remote location, it is not the central area.

In the galaxy with a diameter of 200000 light-years, there are hundreds of billions of small galaxies such as the solar system. The center of the galaxy is a supermassive black hole. The closer to the center, the more stars, celestial bodies and matter there are. The position far away from the galactic center is relatively empty, and the position of the solar system in the galaxy is very narrow Far away.

Therefore, through the observation and study of the universe, scientists believe that it is possible for human beings to live on the edge of the universe. Is it lucky or unfortunate? Some people may not understand how such a well-developed intellectual civilization of mankind could be on the edge of the universe? Don’t worry, let’s do some simple analysis.

The universe originated from the singularity big bang 13.8 billion years ago. After the big bang, the universe began to expand and has its present scale. Therefore, we do not know how big the universe is. Although we know exactly how big the universe has expanded, scientists can still make a bold guess about the shape of the universe. Scientists generally believe that the shape of the universe may also be a sphere.

If the universe is in the shape of a sphere, it must have a center. We don’t know where the center of the universe is. However, through the dense cognition of the objects near the center of the galaxy, we can generally get a conjecture: the density of stars, galaxies, celestial bodies and other matter near the center of the universe may also be the largest in the universe.

If we have more powerful observation equipment in the future, we can find a celestial body with very dense matter in the sky, which may not be far away from the center of the universe. So is the area where human beings live near the center of the universe? According to some observations and analyses, this is unlikely, but the greater possibility is that human beings live on the edge of the universe.

As we said earlier, the solar system is located on the edge of the Milky way, and there is the local galaxy group above the Milky way, and the position of the Milky way in the local Galaxy Group is also on the edge. Above the local galaxy is the Virgo Cluster, and the local galaxy is also at the edge of the Virgo Cluster. Further up, the larger galaxy is the supercluster, which is also the highest level of galactic units. The universe is made up of countless superclusters.

Virgo galaxy is very far away from the center of the super galaxy, in a very remote location. According to the research and analysis of the density distribution of the objects and matter in the supercluster, it is believed that the position of the supercluster in the whole universe may also be very remote. Step by step, we will find that the place where human beings live may really be the edge of the universe.

Some people may say that it’s unfortunate that human beings live on the edge of the universe. We should know that the distribution of matter in the universe itself is uneven. Basically, the closer to the center, the higher the density of matter. Whether it is small galaxies, large galaxies or galaxy clusters, they are almost the same. In fact, the reason is very simple, because the places where gravity is concentrated and relatively strong are often in the central region, such as the center of the solar system, the center of the galaxy, and the center of the galaxy cluster.

In the same way, because the edge position is less affected by gravity, so the density of celestial bodies and matter here is very wide, and it is a wilderness in the universe. If there is no intelligent civilization at the edge, there will be no impact. But if there is a civilization just in such a wilderness position, because there are not enough resources, once it enters the interstellar development in the future, it will face the dilemma of insufficient resources.

Take human beings as an example. The main resources and energy we use now are the earth’s resources. However, with the rapid development of human science and technology, the earth’s resources will soon be exhausted. At that time, human beings also went to the interstellar and began to exploit and utilize space resources. When the resources of the solar system are almost used up, we need to go out of the solar system and collect resources.

However, the space resources outside the solar system are very small, which will seriously hinder the development of human science and technology, and slow down the development of human civilization. Without the support of sufficient resources, human space science and technology can not achieve a major breakthrough, can not achieve the speed of light flight, superluminal flight. Without super fast speed, we can’t go further and collect more resources.

From the perspective of resources and the development of human civilization, it is really unfortunate that human beings are on the edge of the universe. But if we look at it from another angle, from the perspective of the security and continuity of human civilization, it would be a blessing that we are on the edge of the universe. Why?

I believe that many people now no longer doubt the existence of alien civilization. Since mankind came out of the earth and saw the vast universe, more and more people firmly believe that alien civilization exists. And with the rapid development of science and technology, fewer and fewer people question the existence of alien civilization.

If there is an alien civilization in the universe, what will we do once we find the existence of the earth and human beings? Maybe many people fantasize that the alien civilization will greatly help mankind, help mankind to enter the interstellar, and become the advanced civilization in the universe. But in fact, this kind of situation is only the plot of human imagination. In fact, once the extraterrestrial civilization discovers the existence of earth and human beings, it is more likely to come with invasion and colonization, just like Columbus discovered the new world. At that time, the earth and mankind will usher in a huge disaster. If not, it will be the end of the whole human civilization.

Therefore, Hawking has warned mankind several times not to try to contact with alien civilization, which will be very dangerous for mankind. Don’t expect that extraterrestrial civilization is kind and peace loving. There have been wars within human beings since ancient times. Until now, the real peace within human beings has not come. There is no real goodness and peace in human beings, let alone intelligent creatures of different races and civilizations.

However, fortunately, human beings have not discovered any alien civilization, and the earth has not been discovered by alien civilization. If there are very powerful civilizations in the universe, why can’t we find the existence of the earth and human beings? One of the important reasons may be that the solar system in which human beings live is on the edge of the universe.

Because the universe is too big, the powerful alien civilization will naturally focus on the exploration of the central region of the universe, and will not spend more time and energy on the exploration of the edge of the universe, unless it can be determined that there are things of interest to the advanced civilization on the edge of the universe. It is precisely because the edge of the universe is very barren, and the universe has a very large span, even the powerful interstellar civilization takes a long time to come from the center of the universe to the edge. Therefore, nature is not willing to do such meaningless things.

And human beings just live on the edge of the universe, with enough security protection and sufficient development time. Although the resources on the edge of the universe are scarce, as long as we are given enough time, one day we will be able to become a powerful civilization that can cross the stars. At that time, we can go out of the solar system, out of the galaxy, to the center of the universe, to contact with other powerful civilizations.

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