Human beings may soon realize interstellar migration. Scientists have found super earth 2.0, which is very close to the earth

The universe is vast, there are countless planets, the earth is one of the countless planets, is also the home of human survival. Although the earth is also a grain of dust in the universe, it is a different kind of dust. This small dust is very lucky to become a living planet, and has been very lucky to have human beings millions of years ago. From this living planet to this civilized planet, the earth has been making progress all the time.

The birth of human makes the earth a planet of noble civilization, but the appearance of human also brings a certain degree of deterioration to the beautiful earth, especially the deterioration of the ecological environment. Can the earth become the home for human beings to live forever? This question is difficult to answer, because with the rapid development of human science and technology, the earth’s resource consumption is faster and faster, and the earth’s ecological environment is worse and worse.

At present, the earth’s population carrying capacity has reached a high level of 6 billion people. There is no doubt that our earth is in a state of overload. And with the growth of population, there will inevitably be a lot of chain reaction problems, such as the increase of carbon dioxide emissions, the extensive use of energy, which will have an irreversible impact on the earth’s ecological environment.

Therefore, scientists must find a second earth for human beings to live on in order to reduce the pressure on our human homeland. Recently, good news has come from the scientific community that a super earth has been discovered on a planet 20 light years away from the earth.

Scientists named it glise581g, and analyzed from various aspects that this super earth has many advantages that the earth does not have. For example, it’s more than three times the mass of the earth and obviously can accommodate more people.

Moreover, there is also a human living environment on this planet. The temperature difference between day and night is small, and the atmospheric environment is much more comfortable for organisms than other planets. More importantly, scientists have discovered the composition of liquid water on earth, which is an important component to breed life and lay the foundation for future human interstellar migration.

However, the most difficult thing for scientists on this planet is that its revolution period is only 37 days, which is quite different from that on earth. So many people will have such a question: will the so-called one-year cycle become shorter when we migrate to this planet in the future, which will speed up the pace of our life?

According to such orbit operation rules, people will certainly worry about the results, but scientists insist that this rotation cycle is only based on the measurement of time, and has little to do with human life. Moreover, people who are likely to arrive on the planet originally have a life span of 100 years on the earth. On this planet, according to the recording method of this rotation, it is very difficult to calculate With a life span of nearly 1000 years, I can’t help laughing.

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