Human brain is blocked, life can not be extended, scientists: human origin and lizards?

At a critical moment, human beings often burst out with speed, strength and reaction speed far exceeding the normal. We call it potential. The power of this potential is quite amazing. The explanation of scientists is that the function of human brain is inhibited, making it difficult for human beings to detect their own ability for a long time. Under the condition of unexpected strong stimulation, this inhibition is relieved, and the potential hidden in the human body will suddenly burst out, producing a kind of magic, which makes people do things that they can’t do at ordinary times.

Just like the father who can overturn a car with his bare hands in an instant, he can always burst out several times as much strength as a normal person in a critical moment. Research shows that when in danger, people’s sympathetic nerve will be excited, and then stimulate the rise of blood pressure and blood sugar, resulting in accelerated breathing, heart beat and muscle tension. The adrenal cortex system in the body will secrete more adenosine triphosphate, which will increase blood pressure and blood sugar rise.

When blood pressure rises, blood sugar rises, and oxygen supply in the blood increases, all organs of the human body will get more sufficient “energy”, and the sympathetic nerve will redistribute the blood in the human body, and transport the blood to the heart and brain as much as possible, so as to produce an explosive potential. But do you know that this ability is given by some kind of “mysterious power”, and it is given by a seal greater than potential!

Perhaps friends have heard more or less that the development level of human brain is equivalent to 10%. There are about 100 billion nerve cells in human brain, among which there are about 14 billion cortical cells responsible for intellectual activities. Among these 14 billion cortical cells, there are more than 10 billion which are often active. This is why people often say that human brain has only developed 10%.

Even outstanding scientists like Einstein and Tesla, whose brain development level is only 20-25%, can achieve such an achievement. If they are 100% brain users, then human beings can really become gods. Now the question is, who’s blocking most of our brain cells?

In the Old Testament, God created Adam, and then created Eve. Eve was made of one of Adam’s ribs. They lived happily all day, until one day, they were seduced by snakes, ate the fruit of wisdom from the tree, and were driven out of the garden of Eden by the angry God. Adam and Eve, who ate the fruit of wisdom, were born with shame and the ability to distinguish between good and evil. There is no doubt that wisdom was born. Maybe God was afraid that they would have eternal life after eating the fruit of life, so he drove it out of the garden of Eden.

It is the Lord of God who can lock up the wisdom and potential of human beings. In fact, it is also the life of human beings. Whether it is the Oriental mythology system or the Western Eve, there are written records. Their life is about 800 years, but after a big flood, some of them have changed and gradually become what they are now.

Counting from the embryonic development, the limit of human cell division is 50 times, and then it will not divide any more, and human beings have ushered in aging and death, as if it had brought an indestructible lock to human beings, so human beings have ushered in aging and death. There are all kinds of signs that it is this mysterious existence that has created human beings, written these things into human genes, and created an eternal law of nature.

From the perspective of modern medicine, human beings have begun to find that cancer cells in the body do not seem to follow the laws of nature. They can divide infinitely for hundreds of times and are still alive. So, is it possible to eliminate the harm caused by cancer cells to the human body and retain the characteristics of infinite division? If one day, maybe the bottleneck of life will be solved.

In the end, a doctor of medicine accidentally discovered that he had operated on a fetus still in the womb, but he could not find the slightest surgical trauma and trace after birth. The fetus seemed to have a magical regenerative ability, but it disappeared after birth. This magical regenerative ability generally exists in lizard like organisms, such as a gecko with a severed tail. So the question is, is it possible that alien lizards combine their own genes?

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