Human brain is divided into two parts, how to make half deep sleep, the other half fully awake?

Sleep is a normal physiological need for us. In nature, not only humans need sleep, but also animals. During sleep, some senses of animals will lose their perception ability. Due to the decrease of movement, they often become the prey of other large animals. Of course, in nature, there are also animals with “half brain sleep”, such as dolphins and whales. Of course, in flying birds, warship birds are also in the state of half brain sleep.

Different from other birds, warship birds are mainly fish. They often fly on the sea to catch fish. When they fly low, the most taboo thing is that their feathers are stained with water. Because of their weight, they can’t fly. When fish swim in the sea, they will go with them. When they are tired, they will “open one eye and close one eye”, that is, they will enter the half brain sleep state. They can fly and sleep at the same time. In addition to animals in nature can enter the “half brain sleep” state, some studies have found that humans also have this feature. The “half brain sleep” state shown by humans is similar to that of animals, which is called “the first night effect”.

How to make human beings “half brain sleep”? Sleep while awake

There are pain points in all organs of the body, but there is no pain in the brain. When many surgeons perform craniotomy, they operate when the patients keep their heads clear. The human brain is composed of thousands of cells. In the research, scientists found that when people’s right brain produces deep sleep, the left brain only has shallow sleep consciousness, and even the left brain keeps alert all the time. Scientists believe that if people want to achieve the “half brain sleep” state, a part of the awake should be implanted into the left brain, and a sleep mode should be established in the right brain. And physicist professor from Berlin also said that through relevant research, we found that the sleep produced by human left brain and right brain reflects consciousness differently, and this spontaneous symmetry destruction is also possible.

Deep sleep and wakefulness can be achieved through the left and right brain of human beings. When human beings are awake, the nerves in the left brain are very active. When human beings want to enter deep sleep, the right brain has related consciousness. The left brain and the right brain are equivalent to a cooperative group, and they coordinate with each other.

The left brain and the right brain are not balanced. The right brain belongs to creative thinking. When the left brain and the right brain are in a common regional space, there will be two characteristics of so-called “order” and “disorder”. In physics, experts call it “chimeric state”. In order to make people reach the “half brain sleep” state, the relevant research experts specially analyzed 90 different parts of the brain. In the simulation experiment, the experts found that the coupling strength between the right brain and the left brain was reduced while the coupling strength in the left brain was unchanged, but the left brain was more active than the right brain, showing more reflection.

According to the reflection of half brain sleep state and the chimeric state proposed by experts, in the further research, experts found that it is possible for human beings to keep awake at the same time in a deep sleep state by simulating the experiments of left brain and right brain. The dynamics generated by this kind of body mainly depends on the different coupling strength between left brain and right brain. But deep sleep and waking up at the same time require a certain degree of separation between the left and right brain. The researchers found that this separation may be due to structural asymmetry in the brain.

Hemicranial sleep state

It’s an evolutionary process, and the probability of realization is small

Although it’s a simulation experiment, it’s very rare for people to achieve half brain sleep when they really enter the reality. However, when a person enters a strange environment, he may not be able to sleep soundly and lightly. Any movement outside can be heard and easy to wake up. In fact, this state is also half brain sleep. Both human beings and animals in nature have evolved from this way of hemicranial sleep. In fact, hemicranial sleep is a physiological reaction that can not be slacked for a moment in order to survive.

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