Human civilization has developed for about 6000 years. Why is it the fastest growing in the last hundred years?

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The earth is a living planet. In the history of billions of years of life evolution, the earth has experienced five mass extinctions. The fifth mass extinction is the dinosaur mass extinction caused by the impact of an asteroid 65 million years ago. Since then, the dominant dinosaur that ruled the earth for 160 million years has disappeared in the long river of history.

After the extinction of dinosaurs, after tens of millions of years of evolution and evolution, human beings began to appear. When human beings first appeared, they were not the overlord of the earth. At that time, human beings could only be regarded as a low-level existence in the earth’s food chain, and they were not the rivals of those wild animals at all. However, with the rapid development and evolution of the human brain, the wisdom is getting higher and higher, and the trend is gradually changing, and the hegemony of human is becoming more and more obvious.

Human beings really became the overlord of the earth and the ruler at the top of the food chain after the formation of civilization. About 6000 years ago, with the emergence of human characters, it officially declared that human beings entered the era of civilization. Although human beings have entered the era of civilization, we find that there has not been much progress in human civilization since 5000 years ago. Take China for example, in the 5000 year history of Chinese civilization, there has been no obvious progress in ancient civilization.

It is from the first industrial revolution to the development of science and technology that human beings can really take off, especially in the past century. So some people have such a question: human civilization has developed for 6000 years, why is it only the fastest development in nearly 100 years?

According to modern scientific research, the real history of human civilization is only about 6000 years. Before 6000 years, human beings were still in the primitive stage. At that time, both production technology and quality of life were very poor, and they were not the real overlord of the earth. When mankind entered the era of civilization, it developed rapidly, and life technology was greatly improved.

However, if the development time of human civilization is about 5000 years, compared with that of modern times, it will be much slower. It can be said that there is no contrast at all. The development speed of human civilization for thousands of years is not uniform. We can see from historical resources that there was no obvious progress in the development of nearly 5000 years in ancient times.

300 years ago, the first industrial revolution began. Human beings began to enter the machine age from the handicraft industry, and formally entered the road of scientific and technological development. The fastest stage of human science and technology development in the past 300 years or so should be about 100 years, that is, the stage of the third industrial revolution. Why is the development of human civilization the fastest during this period? The main reason is the quality of human life and social stability.

Whether it’s animals or humans without wisdom, the most important thing is to survive, and the primary problem of survival is not to be hungry and to be able to eat. However, we find that in the 6000 year history of human civilization, most of the time is in an era of not having enough to eat. At the beginning of the development of human civilization, most people were still working hard for food and clothing. At that time, people’s biggest expectation every day was to have enough to eat.

Before the problem of food and clothing is solved, people have no idea to study science, develop production and other goals. Until 300 years ago, the productivity of human beings began to improve greatly, and the problem of food and clothing of people had been greatly improved. At this time, some people who could eat initially began to have extra energy, mind and thinking for development. As a result, a group of excellent scientists appeared, and human civilization entered the era of scientific and technological development.

With the development of science and technology, with the help of science and technology, food production is constantly improving, and people’s food and clothing problems are constantly solving. As more and more people solve the problem of food and clothing, and no longer worry about not having enough to eat, more and more people join in the construction of science and technology, and human civilization has ushered in a period of rapid development.

Another important factor is social stability. In ancient times, the development was very slow. One reason is that people did not have enough to eat. The other reason is that wars continued and society was unstable. The 5000 year history of human civilization is a history of war. Almost every day there are wars all over the world. Take China for example, there are 83 dynasties and 559 emperors in the 5000 year history of human civilization.

You know, the change of every dynasty is full of war. Do you think society can be stable? Of course not. It’s the same everywhere except China. The perennial war naturally makes people have no mind to think about development. They are on the run every day, and their lives are very worthless.

Why has human civilization developed fastest in the last hundred years? There are two reasons. One is that the problem of food and clothing has been greatly improved. The other is that society has begun to stabilize. After mankind entered the road of scientific and technological development, the real era of rapid development is after World War II. After the end of World War II, the world ushered in peace. Without war, the society became stable.

At this time, human civilization has also ushered in a real era of rapid development. I believe many old people have the most experience. The development in the past 100 years is incredible. It can be said that new technologies and new products appear every day. If you don’t ask about the world and keep in touch with the outside world for five years, you may be very backward and will be eliminated by this era.

We have found the reason for the development speed of human civilization in the past 100 years. Will the development of human civilization be faster in the future? I’m afraid it’s hard to say. In fact, scientists have discovered a very cruel fact, that is, the development speed of human science and technology has slowed down significantly in the past 10 years. There are many reasons for this. One reason is that modern people basically do not worry about food and clothing.

When the material life is getting better and better, the spiritual civilization can’t keep up. Many people don’t want to study science and technology and how to make human civilization move forward faster. Instead, they study entertainment and so on. For example, the dream of more young people in modern times is to be a star and a netizen. There are too few young people who can dream of becoming scientists in the future. Now society has become a boastful society.

The rapid development of science and technology is inseparable from the emergence of more excellent scientists. One of the important reasons why human science and technology can develop so fast in the past century is the birth of a group of great scientists, such as Einstein, Tesla and so on. But now, is there a great scientist like Einstein and Tesla? No,

It is the lack of great scientists that has slowed down the development of science and technology, and the emergence of great scientists requires more fresh blood. Xiao Bian remembers when he was a child at school. At that time, he asked 50 students in a class what their future dream was? 90% of the students will answer to be a great scientist. But in reality, if you ask the same question again, the situation is quite the opposite.

We don’t know how far human civilization will develop in the future, but if the development of science and technology slows down, it’s not good news for human civilization. We should know that the earth is now facing many problems, such as resource depletion, environmental degradation, and the threat of asteroid impact in outer space. If human beings can not become an interstellar civilization without advanced science and technology in the future, it is uncertain whether human civilization can continue.

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