Human civilization is always stagnant, or because of these two points, “lock up” the scientific development!

Human civilization is always stagnant, or because of these two points, “lock up” the scientific development!

The proposal of Einstein’s theory of relativity has given mankind a new understanding of the universe. The emergence of antibiotics and the pathogens that have raged on the earth for thousands of years have finally lowered their heads. These are the results of human efforts. Thank you very much for the outstanding contributions made by those scientists. If not for them, maybe human civilization will still stagnate. In 2017, a batch of time capsules were unearthed in Russia. It is said that it has a history of 50 years and carries the hope of mankind. This is the most critical step for mankind to take towards the universe.

When human beings can break through the limitations of the universe, or become the God of the universe, this is a beautiful illusion of human beings. Human beings have the opportunity to land in outer space, have new views on the moon and Mars, and master nuclear fission, as if they are within reach, but in fact they are far away. In the past century, human science and technology have been developing very fast. We have also taken pictures of black holes and created the human genome project. Human civilization is always stagnant, or because of these two points, “lock up” the scientific development!

Why does human civilization stagnate?

In fact, after careful examination, it is not difficult to find that the progress of these theories was put forward in the last century, but few in the true sense. Human beings have not grasped all the truth of the universe, only understand the skin, and more than 90% of the knowledge is unknown to human beings, and it is also difficult for human beings to touch. This makes people think deeply why human civilization always stops What about staying behind? Who locked up the development of science and technology? From a macro perspective, one is energy, the other is human life span.

People’s life span is limited. Everyone’s life span is only a few decades. When they reach a certain age, the body’s function will gradually age and eventually die. No one can escape the eternal law. In the eyes of all, human beings have inexhaustible energy. But have you ever thought that when these energy sources are exhausted, should human beings look for an alternative energy? Take fossil energy for example, it uses a little less until it is exhausted. Human beings do not have to find an efficient alternative. Its disappearance will only lock up human development and lead to the collapse of science and technology Back.

Mastering nuclear fusion may promote scientific development

Throughout the development of human civilization, the choice of industry directly promotes the development of civilization. Scientists are trying their best to master nuclear fusion energy and have high hopes for it, because it produces very little nuclear waste in the process of reaction. In addition, the energy conversion rate is very high. In the future, human beings can master this technology and use it freely, and human civilization may make great progress.

Once upon a time, some people classified the universe civilization. If the universe was divided into three levels, human beings only reached the 0.7 level. Generally speaking, it was rather poor. The main reason was that these aspects restricted the development of human civilization. It was a journey full of thorns. The reality is very cruel. At present, human beings have not found a reasonable way to solve it. Only by step by step and steadfastly cutting off these troublesome thorns, can human beings have a foothold in the universe. Besides these reasons, what else do you know has hindered the development of human civilization? You can leave a message for interaction.

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