Human civilization is only 0.7 level. How terrible will it be to be a high-level civilization one billion years ahead of mankind?

In this world, there may be many civilizations different from human beings, but so far, human beings have not found them. If we look at them according to the principle of suspecting crime from nothing, does this mean that as long as human beings have not found alien civilizations, we can prove that in the vast universe, there is only one kind of human civilization? In other ways, scientists may be able to make such a conclusion, but in the vast universe, where any possibility exists, they dare not presume that human beings are the only civilization in the universe.

In fact, Scientists prefer that there are many different civilizations in the universe, and the degree of development of each civilization is also different. Some scientists once divided the civilization of the universe into seven levels, among which our civilization seems to have developed very fast, but in fact it has not reached the first level. Now it’s only 0.76, because we haven’t left the solar system, and we haven’t made full use of the energy of every planet in the solar system.

However, human beings have not yet reached a first-class civilization, which can not represent other civilizations in the universe, nor can they reach a first-class civilization. Perhaps all the higher civilizations in the universe have reached a seventh class civilization, or even a god class civilization.

If human beings, by chance, discover a civilization a billion years earlier than themselves, then scientists will have such a guess. To what extent are people afraid? In about 200 years, human civilization rose rapidly. However, millions of years ago, human civilization could only use primary tools, and there was no record of written civilization. In some ways, human civilization has developed very slowly. It was not until the 16th century that human civilization made remarkable progress!

Moreover, according to the conjecture put forward by scientists, the advanced alien civilization was a billion years earlier than human civilization. This height may not be reached in human life. At present, the earth has only existed in the universe for 4.6 billion years. Just like the planet where civilization has lived for a billion years, it is likely to have existed at the time of the birth of the universe, although the alien higher civilizations no longer need to live on a certain planet forever. As long as they want, any planet in the universe will become their home.

Advanced alien civilization is also completely unaffected by the environment and climate of the planet. For example, we humans cannot survive without oxygen and liquid water, but alien civilization is not. The height they can reach is beyond human imagination. Everything that can’t be guessed needs human to move forward step by step. For example, people in ancient times dreamed of landing on the moon, while modern people helped people in ancient times realize their dreams. The advanced civilization of aliens is beyond human imagination.

If there are one thousand Hamlet among one thousand readers, then one thousand of human beings have different understandings of alien higher civilization. What kind of attitude do you think human beings take towards alien higher civilization? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area!

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