Human evolved language, but lost one important thing, only chimpanzees remain today!

Human evolved language, but lost one important thing, only chimpanzees remain today!

Human beings are the most curious creatures on the earth. Although they have become the masters of the earth, they always have doubts about the origin of human beings. We can’t know the exact time, so we have to keep guessing. The biggest difference between human beings and animals is nothing more than brain and language. Human beings can express their emotions through language. At the beginning of human civilization, language existed in a special form. According to the survey, there used to be more than 7000 languages on the earth. With the change of times, these languages are disappearing.

At present, there are only more than 1000 languages known to us, and there are no traces of other languages that have disappeared. There is no relevant written record. Human beings can learn all kinds of languages through their own brain, which is almost the most intelligent higher creature on earth. However, human beings are not the only ones who understand languages, such as parrots. Under the guidance of human beings, they can also learn human languages. But it can only imitate, and does not have the characteristics of human language. Human evolved language, but lost one important thing, only chimpanzees remain today!

Scientists discover a magical gene

In the course of this generation after generation, human language has been handed down. If it was not for the existence of language, human civilization could not have developed so far. There was once a researcher, Svante pabo, who analyzed the birth of human language by studying genes. With his unremitting exploration, he found a magical gene in human genes, FOXP2. It is understood that this kind of gene exists in all mammals. Humans have 715 molecules, but there are few other animals. There are only two chimpanzees and three mice. At that time, it believed that this serious gap was due to gene mutation.

Darwin’s theory of evolution clearly pointed out that the ancestor of human beings was the ancient ape. At the same time of evolution, FOXP2 is also changing, improving human’s level of control, and making human have more changeable voice. This kind of variation only came into being 200000 years ago, when modern people and primitive people alternate. In general, gene mutation is very common in nature, FOXP2 gene mutation is unimaginable, its mutation promotes the development of human society, it is quite successful, make human language more rich, environment is a major condition of language.

Differences between chimpanzees and humans

As we all know, chimpanzees and human genes are highly similar. Humans always compare themselves with chimpanzees. Although humans master a unique language, they have lost something, that is, instantaneous memory. With the progress of language, instantaneous memory gradually degenerates. It refers to remembering the main things in a short time. Maybe this is what humans have to pay for having a perfect language The biggest difference between human beings and chimpanzees is the cost of human death.

It was once proposed that chimpanzees should be brought up as human beings to form human language. The answer is No. there is more than a little difference between humans and chimpanzees. Chimpanzees do not necessarily have what humans have, and chimpanzees do not necessarily learn what humans have. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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