Human migration is expected, two “super earth” appear at the same time, with water and atmosphere!

Human migration is expected, two “super earth” appear at the same time, with water and atmosphere!

Since the first industrial revolution, human civilization has developed by leaps and bounds, and science and technology have become more and more prominent. Relying on the power of science and technology, human beings have landed in the vast outer space, shuttled freely in the space, and sent back a large amount of data and information. Although what we know is still superficial, it does not hinder human curiosity about the unknown fields. However, with the development of science and technology, more and more resources are demanded, and the resources on the earth have shown signs of exhaustion. In particular, non renewable resources, if there is no substitute, will disappear completely after they disappear.

Faced with this situation, scientists feel extremely anxious, so they can’t wait to find the super earth. As long as human beings can migrate to the super earth, they don’t need to worry about the depletion of resources. After a long time, scientists have not found it, which has to arouse people’s doubt. Does super earth exist? People are talking about it. Even if it is found, can human beings immigrate to the past? Human migration is expected, two “super earth” appear at the same time, with water and atmosphere!

Scientists found two super earths

Among all the questions, scientists were surprised to find that two super earths appeared at the same time, giving everyone hope. These two super earths are located near the star glises. Unlike other stars, they are closer to the earth, only 1.1 billion light-years away, and can be reached by human science and technology. After discovering this news, scientists were overjoyed. Since they are near stars, it means that there may be a lot of liquid water inside them.

Judging from their surface environment, they are very suitable for human migration, but scientists also worry that the environment of these two super earths is very good. Will they have been occupied by alien civilizations for a long time? If human beings go rashly, will it cause the hostility of alien civilization? Such worries are not unreasonable. It’s not easy to find a planet with good environment. Now that we have found it, human beings will not give up easily. Perhaps many people still have a question in their mind, why do they want to migrate when they live well on the earth?

The reasons for human migration to outer space

In fact, it’s not just the shortage of resources. Today, the environment on earth is even worse. Global warming, marine pollution and so on are worrying about the future of human beings, and it’s difficult to survive. Since the year 2020, all kinds of natural disasters have swept through the world, which has a great negative impact on human life. The earth is gradually starting to get angry. These are the consequences that human beings can not bear. So scientists will speed up the search for super earth, hoping that human beings can live as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there are too many uncertainties in space.

Up to now, the earth is the only home for human beings, but human beings have been destroying the earth’s environment, without the slightest awareness. If we don’t control our own behavior, the earth will be destroyed one day, and even the plan to move to outer space will fail. When the time comes, we will not lose, and will only accelerate the arrival of the sixth species extinction. Therefore, everyone should pay attention to the protection of the environment Protection, even if we find the super earth, we can’t move there immediately. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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