Human or designed? Three human functional loopholes, seemingly deliberately designed

Today, the author found several interesting phenomena when consulting popular science articles. In the comments, netizens quarreled about whether human beings were designed or not. Next, the author will briefly describe these problems and analyze them.

First, why are human sensory cells behind capillaries? Medical textbooks have clearly pointed out that the position of photosensitive cells is behind the capillaries, so when people feel the light, the capillaries will block part of them, and the rest depends on the human brain to process this part of the image. Why should there be a shadow in the retina that shouldn’t exist.

Secondly, why do only humans have to pass through the aorta when swallowing? Even Octopus doesn’t need it. The so-called swallowing of saliva through the aorta means that the laryngeal nerve has to go through the great artery of the heart, and the blood vessels have to make a big circle to reach the human jaw.

What’s more, why is the opening of the esophagus the opening of the trachea? Choking on food, choking on water are common things in life, so why don’t other animals have this kind of situation?

It turns out that the human retina should be reversed. In the process of evolution, the inner convolution of the neural plate turned over the retina. In other words, when human beings emerged and began to evolve, it must be the co evolution of various organs. Then, the evolution of the eye is naturally included, and the retina also exists in the eye, which will naturally turn over. Similarly, as land creatures, eyes have appeared very early, especially humans, which are spinal animals. At the beginning of our ancestors, the light-sensitive cells of the eyes were also on the outermost side, and they received light in this way.

So why does swallowing go through arteries? The recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) and arterial blood vessels of primitive humans were inserted in the parotid arch, and later evolved into the neck. The RLN was pressed under the arterial blood vessels, and the RLN grew longer and longer. But the neck and blood vessels are not intelligent products. They don’t have the idea to disconnect their nerves directly and then connect them again. After all, evolution is based on ten thousand years. It’s absolutely impossible to do this.

Finally, the common opening is inevitable, because the trachea is originally developed from the blind end of the esophagus. Including the human lung, in fact, is essentially part of the esophagus.

Therefore, according to the information consulted, it is impossible for human beings to be designed, because the proteins that make up the human body do not spontaneously produce, and evolution is the result of a long time. Therefore, life is a complex and orderly system in essence. Life and existence have their own rules and do not need to be designed artificially.

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