Human technology is so advanced, why can’t we make a cell?

Before human beings entered the era of science and technology, nature was our God. At that time, we thought that nature was a great and mysterious existence. Nothing could challenge the authority of nature, and human beings could not defeat nature.

However, when human beings really entered the era of science and technology, they found that nature is not so mysterious and complex. As long as our science and technology continue to develop, we will soon be able to overcome nature and become the master of nature. Today, human science and technology can be said to be very developed, and we have made great progress in many fields.

In the field of nuclear energy, we can make atomic bombs and hydrogen bombs. Even in the near future, we can completely master controllable nuclear fusion technology. At that time, human beings will be able to master the secrets of the interior of stars, and we can also make artificial suns. In addition, in terms of chips, there has been great progress. I believe everyone is familiar with chips. Nowadays, the core of many electronic products is chips.

However, there are as many as 6.9 billion transistors on an integrated circuit of the size of a nail plate. Such superb technology is an incredible fact for many people. In addition, human’s fastest supercomputer computing power has reached tens of millions of times per second, which is totally unmatched by human brain.

In the space field, the development of mankind is very fast. We have not only stepped out of the earth, but also completed the manned landing on the moon, the exploration of Mars and the preliminary exploration of other planets. Voyager 1 and Voyager 2 have already stepped out of the top layer of the heliosphere and headed out of the solar system. Seeing these, I believe everyone will be proud of mankind.

But at the same time, we also feel very small. Standing in space, we will find that the earth is so small. However, from the perspective of life, in fact, human beings are even smaller. Maybe many people look down on those simple and primitive single celled organisms and think that they are the lowest life in the world of life. But even such a low level of life, its complexity is far beyond the current human technology.

Life can be said to be the most magical and complex thing after the birth of the universe. So far, we have no idea what the real origin of life in the universe is? And the basic element of life is cell. Every organism has different number of cells according to different conditions. The number of cells in the human body is about 40-60 trillion. What a huge number it is.

The more cells there are, the more advanced this creature is. In the world of life on earth, the human body contains the most cells. Therefore, we are the most advanced life, intelligent life. Some people may think that the basic element of life is cells, which should be very simple, and human technology should be able to produce one.

But in fact, humans can’t make a cell right now. When we put a cell under a microscope, you can see that it is composed of three basic parts: cell membrane, cytoplasm and nucleus. You may think that we can’t make such a simple cell. In fact, the cell we see is composed of three basic parts, just a relatively macro structure.

If we enlarge the cell many times, you will find how complex the inside of a small cell is, and the gene structure information it contains is huge and complex. We all know that the cells that make up life are only the outermost secrets of life. The real mystery is the complex and huge gene pool. Only when we have completely cracked the gene pool of life can we really make a cell.

So is the gene pool of life easy to crack? In fact, it’s very, very difficult. First of all, we need to understand that the number of genes contained in a cell is a huge number, and genes can form different gene pairs, and different gene pairs contain different information. So even if we completely decode the code of a single gene, we can’t really understand life. Only by deciphering all the sequences they make up can we really understand a cell. At this time, we can hope to make a cell.

And a life composed of cells is only the simplest primitive single celled organism. To form a more complex life, it needs a lot of cell combinations. It can be seen that any life is far more complex than we think. We can constantly upgrade human civilization through the power of science and technology, constantly develop various scientific and technological products, and create various powerful mechanical equipment.

But it takes a long time to create a simple cell. At least, before human beings became an interstellar civilization, it would be very difficult to create a simple cell. Life is the most complex and mysterious thing in the universe. It is possible that it is the ultimate mystery of the universe. If human beings completely solve the mystery of life one day in the future, then we will become the God who can create life. At that time, human civilization may have been a powerful civilization at the top of the universe pyramid.

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