Humans call girls beautiful, but why are animals male? Scientists know the answer!

Humans call girls beautiful, but why are animals male? Scientists know the answer!

Nature is a very mysterious area, full of tens of thousands of creatures, including flying in the sky, running on the ground, and swimming in the water. They change their body functions through the surrounding environment and always follow the laws of nature. As we all know, there is always a saying in nature that the fittest survive. Only the strong can be the king. The final outcome of the weak is to survive or perish. Although this way is extremely cruel, but we are all for survival.

I don’t know if you have found that male animals are often more beautiful than female animals, which causes many people’s confusion. Take human beings as an example, most of them are beautiful women, and men are handsome. After all, women like to make up and wear all kinds of clothes, and they look more enchanting. Why are animals completely opposite to human beings? For example, the lion on the African grassland, it is obvious that the male lion is more beautiful than the female lion, and the peacock opens the screen, which is a kind of courtship behavior, but the male peacock feathers are more attractive, what is the secret behind it? Humans call girls beautiful, but why are animals male? Scientists know the answer!

Many people have seen animal world. Two male animals fight for power. Male animals grow stronger than female animals, so they will have more advantages in fighting. The direction of human evolution is opposite to them. The characteristics of male evolution are to attract females and gain advantages in competition. But there are also disadvantages. Take peacock for example, peacock has bright colors, which may be a burden for it and easy to expose itself. However, male creatures can sacrifice everything in order to reproduce.

The biggest difference between humans and animals is that they have wisdom, unique brain and form their own civilization. It’s not difficult to find that men before marriage are quite different from men after marriage. In order to attract women, men before marriage will dress up carefully. After marriage, they will become sloppy. Women will pay more attention to their image after marriage. The reproduction between men and women will produce offspring, in fact, it is also a complementary relationship.

Many creatures in nature are contrary to the direction of human evolution, in fact, there is a certain truth. Both humans and animals should follow the laws of nature. Only people who are beautiful or handsome will attract the attention of the opposite sex. If they don’t have any advantages, they will be completely buried. There is an old saying that time is a butcher’s knife. In fact, once people get old, they don’t pay so much attention to the outside. Especially for men, only women will remember to dress up and maintain their image.

In order to attract females and make themselves more beautiful, male animals will have more attention. They are all preparing for the next generation. This is also the difference between human beings and animals. Human beings think they are higher than animals. Frankly speaking, human beings belong to higher animals. Apart from consciousness and brain, they have no obvious difference from other animals, but human beings are different It’s best to destroy animals’ homes and maintain a peaceful relationship. What do you think of this? You can leave a message for interaction.

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