Humans can’t understand three kinds of sounds. One comes from the deep sea, which is both “Crazy” and noisy!

Humans can’t understand three kinds of sounds. One comes from the deep sea, which is both “Crazy” and noisy!

With the progress of science and technology, it promotes the development of human civilization. The development of human civilization depends on the joint efforts of all of us. After a long evolution, it has a hard won result. In the face of any unknown things, will come up with scientific basis for argument. Many great scientists have emerged in history. They have left many theories and theories. With the gradual improvement of these ideas, human beings have a deeper understanding of the universe and ocean. They always have a magical power to attract human beings to explore. Human has always been a curious baby, in the face of any new things, always revealed a strong curiosity.

When we came into contact with physics as a child, we learned about the formation and propagation of sound. The propagation speed of sound in different media is different, and it is impossible to transmit sound in a vacuum. Therefore, we can’t hear sound in the universe at all, because we have been in a vacuum for a long time, and there is no medium that can’t transmit sound. We can hear all kinds of sounds in our life, including beautiful songs and frightening screams. These sounds are mysterious and terrifying. Scientists have found that there are three kinds of sounds in nature that are not touched by human beings. Humans can’t understand three kinds of sounds. One comes from the deep sea, which is both “Crazy” and noisy!

Three untouched sounds in the universe

The first is the sound of the deep sea. Some experts once studied the Mariana Trench. It is the deepest trench in the world. If you want to enter it, you have to rely on advanced submersibles. Here, experts found that the most terrifying sound in the world sounds like a movie of a deep-sea giant. But the detector showed that there were no huge creatures around. Many explorers felt embarrassed because of the harsh environment in the deep sea I’m afraid that this kind of sound has never been heard before.

The second is the sound of space. Many people wonder that space is a vacuum environment. How can it make sound? Scientists have received a strange sound near Saturn that can’t be reproduced on earth. Then we have studied it. We can’t rule out that it is the perception of sound by special instruments, or it may exist in another form. Of course, all this belongs to our guess.

Finally, there are the strange sounds of Hawaii. Hawaii has unique natural scenery, which attracts countless tourists. People who visit here often tell that they hear strange sounds around the island, which are crazy and noisy, making people feel particularly harsh. Later, scientists did not find the animals and plants that could make the sound. They did not know who made the sound and put a mysterious color on it.

Up to now, these three kinds of sounds are still unsolved mysteries in nature. They lead human beings to explore them in depth. They are both magical and terrible. They are totally different from the sounds we hear in our life. People can’t help but have the impulse to explore. If we can find the source of these voices, the scientific community will have a leap forward development. Where do you think so many strange sounds in the world come from? You can leave a message for interaction.

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