“Humans go out on dragonflies, cockroaches become beasts”, such as the doubling of the earth’s oxygen

We all know that we can’t live without oxygen, but what happens if the oxygen on earth doubles? Can we live on? Or do we mutate? Let’s take a look with Xiaobian!


In fact, in the Late Carboniferous, 99% of the Pangea continent was covered by coniferous forests, making the oxygen content of the earth as high as 45%, which is more than twice that of the earth today. At that time, the dragonfly’s wingspan had reached 95cm, and the body length of its natural enemy, takitol, had risen to 2.2M, weighing about 100kg. At the same time, a new species emerged: reptiles, which even evolved vocal cords.

If the earth’s oxygen suddenly doubles now, because mammals are endoskeletons, growing up is not sustainable for them. Insects breathe through the trachea, and the exoskeleton can support their growth. So, we can ride dragonflies to buy vegetables, cockroaches will become huge beasts. Mammals may become smaller. Imagine walking down the street with a big, small and cute dog.


In the first month of this natural disaster, this huge environmental change makes most animals unable to adapt suddenly, and the structure of organisms is seriously damaged. At the same time, human beings set up a temporary oxygen balance station for survival.


In the first year, humans will introduce many species into the balance station, and the individuals outside the balance station are dying because they can’t adapt to the environment. Plants began to multiply in large numbers, and the growth of anaerobic bacteria was inhibited.

In the first century, human beings began to develop new foods that could mature rapidly under oxygen enriched conditions, and the problem of food and clothing had been solved. The wild animals that can not adapt to the oxygen enriched environment have been completely extinct, and only a few individuals in the balance station have been bred. Insects, plants and fungi grow savagely in the wild.


In the past millennium, because of the monotony of human life and the lack of motivation, there will be many unmarried people, and the number of human beings will become less and less. The field is also a gathering place for insects, plants and fungi.


What’s more terrible is that with the increase of oxygen concentration, the pressure will increase, and instantly the human body’s appearance and lungs will bear 200 grams of pressure per square centimeter. This causes some people’s oral skin and lungs to fester. The resulting high-pressure reaction makes the lungs and other viscera filled with nitrogen and oxygen and pathological changes, and even lead to death. Increased oxygen free radicals will also make the human body aging faster, shorter life.

Have you ever thought the world would be like this? What will an oxygen balance station look like? Xiaobian thinks it’s better not to happen. Welcome to comment and share!

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