Hunan Dragon Cave hidden “real dragon”, formed naturally, body length up to 13 meters!

Since childhood, we have heard all kinds of legends about the dragon, and we are full of awe and worship for the dragon. And does it really exist? A photographer found a “real dragon” in a cave in Linwu County, Hunan Province. Is the dragon the same as we imagined? Or is it another kind of fun? Now let’s take a look.

In a cave in Shimen village, Huatang Township, Linwu County, Hunan Province, there is a “real dragon” hidden in it. After knowing this, scientists rushed here to investigate. In fact, the so-called “real dragon” is a stone dragon. The photographer accidentally stepped into the cave and photographed a dragon like rock. Because of the exquisite shooting technique, we thought it was a real dragon. According to the measurement of relevant experts, the stone dragon is about 13 meters long, 0.6 meters to 0.8 meters thick, and its pool area is about 100 square meters, 5 meters high, 6 meters wide and 30 meters long. The environment of this cave is in the clouds, which gives people the feeling that it is the dragon flying in the clouds. That’s why I think it’s a real dragon. The cave is deep and dark, and sometimes some stones fall, so the local people do not dare to enter the cave, which makes it difficult for them to enter

The dragon is more mysterious.

According to the analysis of relevant experts, most of the rocks in the cave are limestone, and the rocks on the cave wall are composed of stalactite and stone mantle. According to the records of Linwu county annals, “the Dragon Cave is 20 miles north of the county. There is a stone dragon in the stone pool, with scales and claws, and only the head lies in the water.” It can be seen that the stone dragon in Linwu has a long history. According to the geological evolution history of the local ocean turning into land, geologists inferred that the stone dragon had been formed for hundreds of millions of years. In fact, the cave was originally a karst cave, and the underground river passed through it. Through the continuous change of tectonic movement, the cave was exposed to the surface. Under the erosion and continuous erosion of water, the rock continued to cross and fall, and the hole gradually expanded, forming the present appearance.

This natural stone dragon is amazing. In fact, Linwu has not only vivid dragons, but also interesting dragon Qi and dragon balls. When the clouds filled, it was like a real dragon rising from the sky, which was really spectacular.

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