Hundreds of megabytes of broadband has gradually become “turtle speed”. What’s the matter? It’s about them

Network has become an indispensable technology in modern society and people’s daily life. If it was decades ago, someone asked: what is the network? Maybe many people know that at that time, computers, mobile phones and the Internet were still a new thing.

Take the early computers and mobile phones for example. They were not only stupid but also big and had few functions. Maybe the post-90s and post-00s don’t know what a cell phone is. But if you ask about the post-60s, Post-70s, and some post-80s, most of them know what a mobile phone is. It’s an early mobile phone, and it’s only 30 years since now.

Take a brick for a mobile phone. It’s big. Don’t underestimate it. It was a symbol of status and wealth at that time. People who could afford a mobile phone were big bosses and rich people. You know, a mobile phone costs tens of thousands of yuan. More than 30 years ago, most people’s annual income might be less than 1000 yuan. To buy a mobile phone, you need to save money for 10 years without eating or drinking.

At that time, many people may think: “I really envy the rich people who have mobile phones. I don’t know when I can afford them.”. However, the speed of scientific and Technological Development surprised people. Mobile phones soon became a product that most people could afford to use. Nowadays, not only aunts and uncles have mobile phones, but also primary school students have mobile phones. It is an era of universal mobile phones.

Mobile phone update is very fast, from the initial simple can only answer and call the big guy into now more and more rich 4G, 5g mobile phone. The rapid development of mobile phone is also inseparable from the credit of the network. It develops as fast as mobile phone. From the initial 2G network to the 5g network, it is only a short time.

The Internet has changed people’s lives, changed people’s travel, now we go shopping travel, do not take cash, just need to bring a mobile phone can, a machine in hand, I have the world. And in people’s families, in order to enjoy the function of mobile network, people have installed optical broadband, and the speed is also faster and faster, from the initial only a few megabytes to now hundreds of megabytes.

After the installation of optical broadband, a router needs to be installed, which can let the family’s multi strong devices share a network, especially its wireless function, so that upstairs and downstairs, left collar and right house can share the wireless network. Free of a lot of people with the high cost of traffic distress. Therefore, now people install broadband more or to install a router to achieve its wireless function.

With the router, the whole family is covered by wireless network, life has brought great convenience. However, many people will find that the original broadband speed of hundreds of megabytes is getting slower and slower, and it has become “tortoise speed”. What’s the matter? So someone went to the Internet to search for relevant information to find a solution. In the network, there are usually two explanations for the slow down of the network caused by routers.

One is caused by the aging of the router for many years. With the continuous growth of the service life of the router, the internal components are aging and the performance is weakened, resulting in the network transmission becoming stuck and slow. The only way to solve this problem is to replace a new router. The other is because the router is not closed for a long time, resulting in buffer congestion. Maybe some people don’t know that the router needs a buffer for data transmission.

There is also a virtual buffer inside the router, where a large number of data are temporarily saved, which can speed up the network data transmission. But if the buffer is full of data, the network transmission will become tortoise speed, slower and slower. At this time, we just need to turn off the router and then turn it on, so that the data in the buffer will be released and cleared, and the network will return to the previous speed.

However, according to the solution found on the Internet, some friends have released the buffer or replaced a new router and found that the problem has not been solved. The network speed is still the same as the original tortoise speed. What’s the matter? Some people think it may be the problem of the broadband operators, so they call the customer service, and after checking the computer room, they find that there is no problem with the broadband, so many people are confused. What is the problem?

In fact, if you encounter this problem, it may be that there are two things beside the router, which affect your network speed and make it become tortoise speed. So what are these two things? Now let’s have an explanation.

First of all, it’s made of metal. The working principle of the router is to send electromagnetic waves to transmit signals to target products, such as mobile phones, TVs, etc. There are many things that can interfere with electromagnetic waves, among which metal is an important interference source. I believe many friends have had this experience: when you are sitting in front of the computer playing with the computer, suddenly the computer screen keeps flashing, then the mobile phone rings, someone calls you.

In this case, the mobile phone signal interferes with the metal components in the computer. If a metal is placed next to the router, it will interfere with the transmission of radio electromagnetic signals, the radio wave signals will become intermittent and incoherent, and the natural radio signals will not be good. Therefore, usually we must not put the metal material beside the router.

The second is electrical appliances. The interference of electrical appliances to wireless electromagnetic waves is stronger than that of metal. This is the impact of the above mobile phone on the computer when it calls. In fact, the reason is not complicated. When electrical appliances are working, they will also emit certain radiated electromagnetic waves. This radiation will not only have a certain impact on the body, but also seriously interfere with the transmission of electromagnetic signals, thus affecting the speed of the network. With the increasing power of electrical appliances, this kind of interference is stronger and stronger. Therefore, it is better not to have electrical appliances beside the router.

The above two are the second reasons why your broadband network is getting slower and slower. If your broadband network is getting slower and slower because of your router, first of all, don’t think that the router is too old to use and you are busy replacing it with a new one. In fact, the life of the router is very long. Even if the router is used for a long time, it will not have a great impact on the broadband network speed, and there will be no card problem. As long as a router is not damaged by lightning, its service life can reach more than 10 years.

Therefore, when the network speed caused by the router becomes slower and slower, we should first turn it off and then turn it on to see if the buffer is too full. Then we should check whether there are metal objects or electrical appliances around the router. If there are, we should move them. We should either change the router to another place away from metal and electrical appliances, or we should move metal and electrical appliances.

If the above measures are carried out and the network speed is still not improved, it may really be necessary to change the router. For broadband operators or lines, the possibility is very small. If there is a fault with the operator, the network will be cut off directly. If it’s a line problem, the indicator light on the current broadband cat will also prompt. If everything is normal, it can only be a problem with the router and its surroundings. As long as the problem is solved, the network speed will change from tortoise speed to the original fast time.

However, with the rapid development of network technology, the future of wired broadband will be gradually eliminated, will be replaced by wireless broadband. When you install broadband at home, you don’t need to pull the fiber cable at all. You just need to buy a wireless cat from the operator, and then you can access the broadband network, and the speed will be very fast. Although there is also wireless broadband, the network speed is much slower than wired broadband, and the price is also expensive. So many people choose to install faster, cheaper fiber broadband.

The rapid development of science and technology will make the whole earth enter the era of network coverage. In the future, we can access WiFi anywhere on the earth, and all of them are free, and the speed is not slow at all. Not only that, when we enter the space age and explore space comprehensively in the future, the network will spread all over the solar system and the galaxy. Realize the solar network era and the Galactic network era.

Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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