Hyenas will dig their anus when they hunt. What should humans do when they meet them? What are their weaknesses?

But in our view, the African grassland is a world of the jungle. In this territory Kingdom, the lion occupies the dominant position in Africa. In the grassland of Africa, in addition to lions, there is also an animal called “African second brother”, which is what we call hyena. Hyenas generally hunt together, and their survival ability is very strong. Their targets are generally strong creatures. Many people may have doubts. Hyenas are smaller than these tall creatures. How can they defeat them?


Hyenas dig their anus


In fact, this is due to one of the survival skills of hyenas, which is to dig the anus. In nature, this is actually a very insidious trick. If the hyena’s target is a strong bull, as long as it sneaks from the bull’s anus when the bull doesn’t pay attention, the bull will soon fall to the ground. There is no way to resist, and it can only be reduced to the belly of the hyena. In addition to this survival skill, hyenas have very good endurance. Their running speed can reach 50 kilometers per hour, and they can run for a long period of time. Because of this super endurance, they can wait until the hyenas are exhausted, and then catch up.


The teeth of hyenas are still very sharp, and the bite force is far better than that of lions. Even if a powerful lion is bitten by a hyena, it will take several days to recover. Generally speaking, hyenas pay attention to teamwork in the process of predation. A hyena is very fierce. If it is a group, even the lion is not their opponent. Some people have asked such a question, hyenas are so fierce, if humans encounter hyenas after how to do? Can we avoid hyenas?


What do humans do when they meet hyenas?


Although most families will keep a pet dog, compared with hyenas, ordinary stones are of no use at all. If you throw a stone like a hyena, it will irritate it, which is not worth the loss. Hyenas will have an illusion when they see humans throwing stones at them. Even when humans are challenging it, and when they bend down, they will feel that humans are very short. This will stimulate hyenas’ desire to attack, and humans will be in a dangerous situation. Therefore, humans must keep calm when they encounter hyenas.


Humans stand straight in front of hyenas, and let hyenas feel that humans are not a threat, and there is no sense of fear. If hyenas don’t mean to hunt hyenas at this time, they will feel that human body is bigger than it when they see human standing straight in front of it. In this way, they will feel that they have no chance of winning, and they will take the initiative to leave. But if we keep calm and straight, hyenas still don’t leave themselves, but are more interested in themselves, then we should keep vigilant and watch whether there are other hyenas around. After surveying the surrounding environment, you can look for some thick branches and sticks around, which can be used as weapons, so that when the hyena pours on itself, it can hit its head with a stick, and then run quickly.


Hyenas’ weakness


Although hyenas are very powerful in attack, they also have a weakness, that is, they can’t climb trees. If we see a strong tree in the process of escape, it’s safe to climb up. Leopards are very smart. They know hyenas can’t climb trees, so they run to the trees to avoid the attack of hyenas. Although human beings are already intelligent creatures on the earth, they are still very small in front of the natural interface.


Hyenas can be said to be the top animals in the food chain of Africa, and human beings also stand at the top of the food chain, so there is no martyr relationship between the two. However, if human beings really encounter hyenas, they should keep their vigilance, and it is better not to annoy them, otherwise only relying on human beings, there is no way to defeat a group of hyenas. Nature is the world of the jungle. It is human beings who have created high-tech products. However, in the face of fierce wild animals, they still feel powerless. What do you think?

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