Ice burial, a new way to eliminate cremation, is unacceptable

Taoism says: the natural law of birth, aging and death is human nature. Since we can’t escape this rule, we can only let it be. In the early years, many people in China could not accept cremation, believing that their ancestors would not be able to rest in peace. That was the feudal saying after all. Nowadays, cremation has become the most important way of funeral. The times are progressing after all. The latest research results show that there may be a new way of funeral to replace cremation in the future, that is “ice burial”, a more efficient and environmentally friendly way.

Ice burial refers to the use of liquid nitrogen to store the body of the dead at a low temperature of minus 196 ℃. Through low-temperature soaking, the organic tissue of the remains is dehydrated, then it is transformed into powder by ultrasonic vibration, and finally the impurities left after freezing are removed by filtration. This technology, which was first developed by Swedish scientists, has been introduced to China. I believe that in the near future, this new technology will be mature and perfect.

The efficiency of ice burial is many times higher than that of traditional cremation, and this way of handling remains will not pollute the environment, but this way has high requirements for scientific and technological conditions, and the cost is not cheap. I believe that with the efforts of the whole world, these problems will soon be solved.

The country has always hoped that people can accept the green way of funeral, so as to better protect the ecological environment and benefit future generations. The implementation of green funeral is conducive to reducing resource consumption and reducing and controlling pollution emissions. At present, green burial mainly includes wall burial, tower burial, tree burial, flower bed burial, lawn burial, river and sea burial, which are beneficial to the country and the people.

It is believed that ice burial will become a great invention, and the treatment of ice burial remains also makes the best interpretation of the Taoist pursuit of “the unity of man and nature”. I hope the motherland’s science and technology will flourish and provide a better choice for the future life of mankind.

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