If 1000 modern people went back 1.5 million years ago, how long would it take to make computers?

Mankind is the only intelligent life on earth. It was born millions of years ago. The early human civilization began from the stone age. At that time, mankind learned to use simple tools. The material of tools is stone. The stone tools made from these stones have survived from generation to generation and made human civilization develop to the present.

Since the industrial revolution, mankind has entered the era of scientific and technological development, and human science and technology can develop so fast without the help of computers. It is from the beginning of making the first computer that the development of science and technology has also entered the fast lane. With the powerful computing and data processing capabilities of the computer, human beings can save a lot of time to carry out relevant theoretical research, and human civilization can develop rapidly until now. It can be said that the computer is the most important tool for the development of human science and technology.

The first computer is a behemoth, about the size of two classrooms, and it needs a lot of materials. For modern science and technology, it’s very easy to make a computer. But what would happen if this kind of thing was put into ancient times? So my friends with big brain holes put forward such a topic: if 1000 modern people travel through time and space to return to 1.5 million years ago, how long will it take to make computers?


One and a half million years ago, it belonged to the early human age, namely the stone age, when there were primitive humans. If 1000 modern people go back to the stone age, it’s not easy to make computers. The first problem is survival. Of course, these 1000 modern people did not bring any tools to the past. If they brought modern equipment to the past, it would have lost the need to explore. What we want to discuss is to go back to the stone age without any tools.

1000 modern people have nothing with them. Back to the stone age 1.5 million years ago, survival is the primary problem. Only when they survive well can they want to make computers. Of course, the brain of modern people is much stronger than that of primitive people. Although we didn’t carry any modern tools in the past, with the intelligent brain and rich knowledge of modern people, we can adapt and survive very quickly. At first, we can’t make iron and so on. We can only use stone to grind tools and then drill wood to make fire to survive.

Of course, modern people also have a disadvantage compared with primitive people, that is courage. In the era of 1.5 million years ago, there were many beasts. At that time, there was no problem of environmental pollution. There were green water and clear water, and there were many dense forests. The number of the same beasts was far more than that of human beings. To survive, you need to fight these beasts to get food. Of course, modern people have never seen such a situation of relying on stone tools to fight with wild animals, while primitive humans have seen nothing strange, which can be said to be the most common thing of early humans.

Fighting with wild animals, hunting wild animals will inevitably lead to casualties. At the beginning, it will cause great psychological pressure on 1000 modern humans, and there will also be many casualties. Only after adapting to this kind of life for a period of time, can humans integrate into the stone age and start the primitive human way of life.


Only after the human survival is stable can we have the time and energy to think about how to make computers. It depends on the combination and quality of these 1000 people. If they are all ordinary people, there are no scientists, physicists, chemistry, etc., and they are all composed of ordinary people, it will be very difficult to make computers.

The computer is a very precise instrument. Even if we made the first computer, we also needed vacuum tubes, all kinds of metals, capacitors, cables and power to start. It all needs to have relevant knowledge reserve. Although a group of ordinary people have more knowledge, they can’t know how to make vacuum tubes, how to smelt various metals, how to make generators, etc.

If this is the case, if humans want to make a computer, they need to spend more time to experiment, research, study and explore, and it may not be completed by the first generation or the second generation. It may take hundreds of years to make the first computer. Even an illiterate person who goes back to 1.5 million years ago is 10000 times better than the brains of primitive people.


This is a team of ordinary people. If these 1000 people are all at the elite level, there are soldiers, field survival experts, carpenters, builders, miners, engineers, farmers, animal experts, plant experts, chemists, physicists, mathematicians, technologists, etc. The elite team composed of modern talents from all walks of life goes back to the stone age 150 years ago, and it will be much faster to make computers.

First of all, it is also the problem of survival. With professionals from all walks of life, we can make kilns from stone and clay of the stone age, find coal and minerals for mining, and then smelt and make simple iron tools. With powerful tools, the success rate of capturing animals will be much higher, and the casualties will be greatly reduced. In this way, modern humans can quickly and stably survive in the stone age.

With experts in various industries, it is much easier to make the parts needed by computers. As long as we find the relevant materials, we can make them. The process will be very fast. Of course, it is impossible to build a computer in a few years, as some people think. Even if the modern elite teams of various industries return to the stone age, it will take at least decades to build a computer.

One of the biggest difficulties is to collect relevant materials. In the stone age, however, there was no modern means of transportation, and the distribution of mineral resources could not be concentrated together. Some of them may be very far apart. It took a long time to walk from one place to another, and there would be all kinds of difficulties and dangers on the road. Therefore, it is not advisable to search for materials on foot. We need to make some simple means of transportation to replace walking.


The main time to make a computer is to find all kinds of materials. As long as the materials are collected, the relevant parts can be made by relying on the ability of experts in various industries, and finally assembled into a computer. In this way, the first computer in the stone age was successful. This time may take several decades, which is much less than the time spent by a group of ordinary people to build computers in the stone age. This is the specialty of the technology industry. It also shows the importance of scientists to the progress of human civilization.

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