If a 10 jin solid iron ball sinks into the sea bottom, will it be compressed and deformed?

The earth is a beautiful blue planet, its beauty not only comes from the rich life, but also from the vast ocean area. The ocean area of the earth accounts for 71% of the global area. There are countless lives in the vast ocean, and there are also many mysteries waiting for human to explore.

As we all know, with the increasing depth of the ocean, the water pressure is also increasing. The depth of the ocean that ordinary people can dive into is only about 20 meters. No matter how deep the water pressure is, they can’t go down. Only professional diving equipment can dive deeper into the sea. Someone once asked such a question: if a 10 jin solid iron ball sinks into the sea bottom, will it be compressed and deformed? People’s understanding of this problem is also different. Some people think that the deepest depth of the earth’s ocean can reach more than 10000 meters, and the iron ball can not sink to the bottom of the sea. In addition, the density of the iron ball is very high, and the pressure of the sea is not enough to deform it.


Others think that the pressure of the ocean below 10000 meters is very strong, and the solid iron ball will also be deformed. So which answer is normal? First of all, we need to make it clear that a solid iron ball can sink to the bottom of the sea. No matter how heavy the iron ball is and how deep the ocean is, it can sink to the bottom of the sea. The reason is that the density of the solid iron ball is about 7.85g/cm, while the density of the sea is about 1.03g/cm. In this way, the gravity of the iron ball is always greater than the buoyancy. No matter how deep the sea is, it will sink to the bottom of the sea.

Will the iron ball sink into the sea bottom deform under the action of strong water pressure? The answer is yes, but the magnitude of this deformation is very small, and we can’t find it with the naked eye. For example, the solid iron ball is sunk into the Mariana Trench, the deepest ocean in the world, with a depth of 11034 meters. The pressure here is about 1067 atmospheres. The surface of this 10 kg solid iron ball is equivalent to bearing 726 tons of weight.

If the weight is ordinary, the object would have been crushed. However, because the density of iron is not small, and it is solid, the pressure around it is also uniform. The volume of the iron ball will be slightly compressed under the action of strong pressure, and its diameter will be reduced by tens of microns. This can not be seen with the naked eye, and can only be measured by the instrument.


Of course, this is a solid iron ball. If it is a hollow iron ball, the result will be different. At this time, there is an obvious pressure difference between the inside and outside of the iron ball. Under strong water pressure, the iron ball will be obviously deformed or even crushed. This is also why it is a very risky thing for a submarine to sink into the deep sea for exploration. The reason is that the interior of the submarine is hollow. Once diving into deep water, the strong pressure difference will deform the submarine and bring unknown risks.

In 2012, the famous director Cameron once took a submarine to dive into the Mariana Trench with a depth of more than 10000 meters. When the submarine went ashore, it was found that the length of the submarine was reduced by 7cm. Because there is little air in the solid iron ball, the counteracting force of the iron ball resisting water pressure mainly comes from the repulsion force between iron atoms, which is a strong interaction force between the universe. No matter how large the water pressure is, it can not be greater than the atomic repulsion force.


It can be seen that although we know that there are many unknown creatures and other mysteries in the deep bottom, it is not so easy to explore freely due to the existence of strong water pressure. However, with the rapid development of science and technology, the future diving equipment will be more and more powerful, and it will be easier and easier to dive into the deep sea below 10000 meters. We ordinary people can also travel to the deep sea and enjoy the beauty of the deep sea.

Although in our eyes, the Mariana Trench, the deepest ocean on the earth, has reached 10000 meters below, which is considered to be a very deep seabed, if we put it in the universe, the ocean depth is nothing at all. Take Enceladus of the solar system as an example, it is a planet covered with ice, with a thickness of hundreds of kilometers, and there is a deep sea under the thick ice Huge ocean, and the depth of the ocean is dozens of times the depth of the earth’s ocean.

Therefore, although scientists know that there is an underground ocean in Enceladus at present, it is not easy to go deep into this ocean in the future. Even if we can drill through the thick ice and dive into the ocean, we may not be able to explore the deepest part of the underground ocean of Enceladus. The pressure there is so terrible that it is difficult to go deep without super strong diving equipment.


Deep sea is not the only place with endless darkness, but there are many mysterious and unknown creatures. These creatures are not the creatures we have seen. They are very huge. So far, scientists do not know how many unknown creatures there are in the deep sea. The area of the ocean is too large, and there are many secrets. To solve this mystery, we have to develop more advanced diving equipment, Only when you can enter and leave the deep sea freely, can you really uncover the mystery of the deep sea.

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