If a cat is as big as a tiger, who is more powerful?

We all like to keep a cute and clingy kitten in our family, because in our opinion, cats are very docile animals, and we like to choose them as pets. However, I don’t know that cats are very powerful in fighting, and it is also very terrible when they launch a storm. So, if they are as big as cats and tigers, who is more powerful?


We all know that the tiger is known as the “king of the forest”, but although the cat’s body is small, but the cat can do the cornice and walk on the wall and tree, but the tiger can’t, the cat’s body is very vigorous, can easily jump from a very high place. According to the survey, the muscle of some felines accounts for more than 90% of the body, so the powerful muscle tissue is stronger than that of the same type of animals. Moreover, the claws and teeth of cats are also very sharp. Let’s talk about the tiger. As the strongest cat in the family of felines, the combat effectiveness of the tiger can’t be underestimated. The tiger’s limbs are very developed, and it can’t be ignored The power of one stroke of his forelimb can reach 1000kg, the depth of grasping and piercing can reach 11cm, the longest jump can reach 6m, and the speed of running is amazing. The speed of one hundred miles only takes about four seconds, so the combat effectiveness at the top of the food chain is beyond doubt.

But if a cat is as big as a tiger, can it really beat a tiger? Although cats can climb trees, tigers can’t, but tigers catch those large animals all year round. Their limbs are stronger than cats, and the bite force of their teeth is stronger than cats. Although cats are more agile than tigers, we have seen in the documentary that a female tiger defeated a crocodile in about 1 minute and 20 seconds, and the tiger’s bite force ranks second among large mammals. Therefore, if a cat wants to fight against a tiger, it may lose a little bit. Perhaps you will think, if the cat’s body size increases like that of a tiger, its limbs will not be as strong as that of a tiger, and its bite force will not be as strong as that of a tiger?


In fact, although it is possible, the muscle strength of cats is far less than that of tigers. Moreover, even if a cat has the same robust body as a tiger, it will lose part of its agility. I believe many people know that the best thing about a cat is its agility. If a cat loses this, what else can it have?


Tigers and cats are both felines. There must be some reason for nature to create them like this. I believe that even if cats really become as big as tigers, the fittest will survive and the fittest will survive, then one of them will probably be eliminated in the end.

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