If a low civilization planet is discovered by human beings, will we choose to destroy it?

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With the help of science and technology, when human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, an eternal topic appears, that is, does alien civilization exist? Maybe before human beings walk out of the earth, many people will think that human beings are the only intelligent civilization in the universe.

But when we really see the vastness of the universe, few people have such obsession. More people think that alien civilization exists, and scientists are more adamant about it. Let’s not look at the observable cosmic range of 93 billion light-years. Take the small Milky way, which is about 100000 light-years in diameter, with 100-400 billion stars.


Each star basically constitutes a stellar system, with different numbers of earth like planets orbiting. It is conservatively estimated that the number of earth like planets in the galaxy has reached at least one trillion. Even if there is a very small probability of the birth of life and intelligent civilization, there will be many living planets in the galaxy, and it is likely that there will be intelligent civilization.

In the current observable universe, there are at least trillions of galaxies such as the Milky way, so the number of cosmic civilizations may be beyond our estimation. It is only because the distance between galaxies is based on light years, which is so far away that it is difficult for civilizations to reach each other.

However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, once we become an interstellar civilization in the future, we will be able to go out of the solar system for interstellar navigation. In the process of interstellar navigation, it is inevitable to encounter other intelligent civilizations, so an interesting topic arises here: if a low civilization planet is discovered by human beings, will we choose to destroy it?


Many people may think that human beings are very kind and will not bully the weak civilization, let alone eliminate the low civilization. Is that really the case? If you think so, it’s a big mistake. Is human kind civilization? This may be difficult for us to define.

Let’s not consider what kind of attitude human beings will have towards alien civilization. Let’s first look at whether there is harmony within human beings, and whether there is harmony within human beings? The answer is No. It has been more than 6000 years since the formation of human civilization. In these years, the contradictions within human beings have never stopped. From ancient times to the present, wars of all sizes have never stopped.

Even now, in the age of peace, there are always various kinds of friction within human beings, resulting in the outbreak of some small local wars. From the internal situation of mankind, we can see that mankind is not a peaceful civilization. In the human gene, greed and fighting will always exist. Even if we go to the starry sky in the future and become an interstellar civilization, the war within human beings may not be completely eliminated.


Human beings are a civilization that likes to fight. When we become an interstellar civilization and have the ability to walk out of the solar system, the contradictions within human beings may be reduced to a very weak level. Then we will point at the stars in the universe, go to other galaxies to find intelligent civilization, and then develop new fighting modes and venues.

There are countless civilizations in the universe. In the journey of interstellar exploration, we have met with all kinds of intelligent civilizations. If we find a low-level civilization that has not yet gone to the interstellar, the attitude of human beings may be adjusted according to the situation of this civilization. No matter how it is adjusted, it is difficult for human beings to have fair cooperation and trade with the aborigines of the lower civilization planet.

There are only two attitudes towards the discovery of low-level Civilization: one is peaceful and cooperative coexistence, the other is to eliminate it and colonize the planet completely. Under what circumstances will mankind cooperate peacefully with low-level civilizations? Many people may say that the smaller the gap between low-level civilization and human strength, the higher the possibility of peaceful cooperation.


If you think so, you may be wrong. The greater the gap between low-level civilization and human power, the higher the possibility of peaceful cooperation. Maybe someone will say, how is this possible? The greater the gap with human strength, isn’t it easier for us to eliminate these indigenous residents? In this case, we still need to live in peace with the original residents?

In fact, as long as we think and analyze carefully, you will understand the truth. When human beings discover a lower civilization planet, we value two things: one is whether the environment of the planet is suitable for human survival, the other is whether there are resources and energy that are very important to human beings on the planet.

Judging the value of a planet is nothing more than considering from these two aspects. If the environment of this low civilization planet is not suitable for human survival, there are no precious resources needed by human beings. We are not going to waste time on one planet, but continue to look for other civilized planets.


If this low civilization planet is suitable for human survival, and there are precious resources we need, then human beings will not miss it, and colonization is inevitable. At this time, we have to take measures according to the civilization strength of the original inhabitants of the planet. If the original inhabitants are still in the primitive civilization era, they have no understanding of the universe and alien civilization.

At this time, when the human spaceship comes to this planet, what will the indigenous people think? First, they will feel fear and terror, because they don’t know what is coming down from the sky? If the original inhabitants have myths and legends, they may regard human beings as gods. And human beings can also pretend to be gods and show some technologies to these primitive residents. These technologies may be Fairies in the eyes of primitive intelligent life.

When human beings become the gods in the eyes of the original inhabitants of the lower civilization planet, we can take advantage of the status of gods to hire these original inhabitants for free to help us exploit resources. And human beings can naturally occupy this planet, and get the welcome of the original residents, because we are gods in the sky in their eyes, and it is a kind of supreme glory to be able to live on their planet.


But if the original inhabitants of the lower civilization planet have gone out of the primitive age of ignorance and entered the initial era of science and technology. It’s impossible for human beings to disguise the identity of immortals. For example, we don’t believe in the existence of immortals now. Even if a powerful spaceship comes to earth tomorrow, we will only think that it is an alien civilization in the universe.

After losing the disguised identity of immortals, can we still occupy this low civilization planet for free and without cost? The answer is impossible. If we want to live on this planet, we will be hindered by the indigenous people. Even if we want to exploit resources, human beings need to exchange other things with lower civilization.

At this time, it is very difficult to form a completely equal cooperative relationship between human beings and low-level civilizations. Low level civilizations will defend us and want to take advantage of human beings. And human beings will also think about how to get more benefits from low-level civilization, or even completely free possession of resources. Under this kind of contradiction, human beings may launch the interstellar war, wipe out this low civilization completely, and then occupy the resources of the whole planet.


Through the above analysis, I believe many friends have understood the way. It can be seen that there is also a need for strength to speak between cosmic civilizations. Only the stronger the strength is, can we have more discourse power. The earth may also face the visit of advanced civilization in the future. If the strength of alien civilization is far from that of human beings, it will be safe for human beings, because in the eyes of advanced civilization, human beings are just ants and don’t want to eliminate them at all.

But if the coming alien civilization is not very different from the strength of human beings, it may be the most dangerous for human beings. That’s why Hawking has repeatedly issued a warning: let human beings not try to contact with alien civilizations. No matter it is a high-level civilization or a civilization that is not very different from human strength, once it comes to the solar system, it may be a very dangerous thing for the earth and human beings.

If we want to get in touch with and understand alien civilization, we’d better wait until human beings have developed to a higher level, become an interstellar civilization, and have the ability of interstellar navigation before we take the initiative to go out and look for it. Today’s human strength is not even a first-class civilization, but also a low-level civilization. Once we encounter any interstellar civilization, if there is hostility to us, then mankind may usher in destruction.

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