If a man’s running speed reaches the speed of light, will he run faster and faster? You don’t think of the answer

The universe is vast, and no one knows where the boundary of the universe is. The distance of the universe is measured in light years, and the range of our solar system is 1 light year. Therefore, if you want to explore the universe, speed is a key factor. If the spaceship does not have ultra-high speed, you can’t even go out of the solar system, let alone explore the stars outside the solar system.

According to Einstein’s theory of relativity, the speed limit of an object is the speed of light, and with the increasing speed, time is also slowing down. When the speed of an object reaches the speed of light, time will stop. Therefore, many people think that time can go back and we can go back to the past. Others say that if we fly at the speed of light, we will live forever. So a friend put forward such a question: if a person’s running speed can reach the speed of light, will he run faster and faster?

First of all, we need to understand that it is impossible for people to run at the speed of light, which is a non-existent fact. However, some people have raised this problem, and we can also discuss it. Some people may think that when people’s running speed reaches the speed of light, the time has stopped. Of course, they can keep young forever, but they won’t run younger and younger. It’s impossible that you are now 30 years old. If you run at the speed of light for a period of time, you will become 20 years old. It’s impossible.

I believe friends are familiar with the speed of light. We all learned that the speed of light is 800000 kilometers per second when we were in school. It takes 8 minutes for the sun to reach the earth. In fact, it is our illusion that the speed of light can turn back the time. For example, if you extinguish the sun at the position of the sun, and then run back to the earth at a faster speed than the speed of light, it takes 1 minute. Then you look back at the sun. Is the sun out?


The sun doesn’t go out. Because you return to the sun seven minutes in advance, the sunlight has not yet reached the earth, so you can’t see the sun that was extinguished by you eight minutes ago. When people see that the sunlight has gone out eight minutes later, they think that the sun is extinguished now. In fact, the sunlight has been extinguished by you eight minutes ago.

There are many such phenomena in the universe. We can see the light emitted by the supernova explosion deep in the universe through astronomical telescopes. We are now seeing the supernova explosion. In fact, this supernova explosion may have occurred tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of years ago. Similarly, the celestial bodies we see in the universe are not the present celestial bodies, but the past celestial bodies. The farther the distance is, the longer the time delay is.

Therefore, what we see is the future, not the past or the present. Just take the example of extinguishing the sun just now. When you go back to the earth one minute after extinguishing the sun, you already know that the sun has gone out, but people on the earth don’t know. They only know that the sun has gone out seven minutes later, and you know the future seven minutes in advance.

From this very simple example, I believe many people should understand that if a person’s running speed reaches the speed of light, you will not become younger and younger. Now you are 20 years old. After running for a year, you will still be 20 years old and will not become 10 years old. But for the outside world, it is not the case. If you run at the speed of light for 10 minutes, you feel that 10 minutes have passed, but the outside world may have passed for days or even years.

When you run at the speed of light, the speed of time will be different. When you reach the relative future of the outsider, your age will not change, but the outsider may have become old or even gone.


It also means that objects moving at the speed of light will not change themselves, but the time of the outside world has changed. We can reach the future, but we can’t go back to the past. When you run at the speed of light for a year and then return to the earth, the earth may have passed 500 years, that is to say, you are still young, which is another kind of immortality. For yourself, you have not become young.

According to this principle, some scientists have conceived an idea to reach the future, let the spacecraft orbit around the black hole. We all know that the black hole is the most gravitational object in the known universe, and the black hole has super phagocytic power. Therefore, the closer to the center of the black hole, the stronger the attraction, and the faster the space velocity becomes. If the spacecraft can orbit around the black hole, the faster the space velocity will be It’s going to be very fast, probably at the speed of light.

In this way, the spaceship is pulled by the gravity of the black hole and runs at the speed of light for one year before it returns to the earth. The earth may have passed for hundreds of years, that is, it has reached the future. Theoretically, it is possible, but we must work out a way to resist the super gravity of the black hole. Otherwise, once we get close to the black hole, the spaceship will be torn to pieces.

The answer to whether people will become younger when they run at the speed of light is clear to all my friends. Although this is impossible, it also makes people yearn for the speed of light. If human beings want to explore the universe, the speed of light is the basic speed, which will be realized in the future. At that time, we can sit in a spaceship and fly at the speed of light to explore the universe Five years later, the spaceship will return to the earth. Maybe the earth has passed a thousand years. Isn’t it a beautiful thing?


Guys, how long do you think humans can fly at the speed of light? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your unique opinions.

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