If a poisonous snake bites its tongue, will it kill itself?

Many netizens may be curious about this question. Xiaobian was suddenly asked by colleagues today: “if the snake bites itself, will it poison itself to death?” Xiaobian was stunned when he heard this question. How could Xiaobian not have thought of such an interesting and scientific question before!


First of all, snakes are unlikely to bite their own tongue!

We should all know the structure inside the snake’s mouth. There are two long sharp teeth on both sides and a very small tongue in the middle of the teeth. With this structure alone, we can say that “the possibility of a snake biting its own tongue is almost zero” (perhaps nature is so magical that it is afraid that the snake biting its own tongue that it designs the snake’s mouth into such a shape). But if you want to say that your tongue is misplaced, you’ll get it? It doesn’t matter. Let’s keep talking.


In fact, the venomous teeth of a poisonous snake are usually “put away”. They are in the groove of the mouth. Only when they attack will they be exposed. In this way, the chance of a poisonous snake biting itself is lower! But you may also ask, what happened? It doesn’t matter. Let’s go on.


In fact, the venom released by a poisonous snake can be controlled by its own initiative. That is to say, if the prey is no longer struggling and dying when the poisonous snake bites its prey, there is no need for the poisonous snake to inject venom at this time. If the poisonous snake is very strong or wants to subdue the opponent quickly, it will release venom on its own initiative, and the amount of venom released will vary with the opponent It’s different in body shape. Then you must also want to ask, if the snake bites itself and injects itself with venom? OK, let’s keep talking.

In fact, the venom of poisonous snakes is a kind of “saliva” of snakes, which is very similar to human saliva. Its main components are enzymes. When it enters the blood, it will immediately dissolve the blood, so as to achieve the effect of poisoning. In fact, whether you are a snake or a God, once the snake venom is injected into your blood, you will be poisoned.


There may still be many people who want to refute Xiaobian, so if the venom accidentally flows into the mouth and intestines, won’t it also die? But why didn’t the snake die?


In fact, the blood circulation system and digestive system are two systems. There may be enzymes in the gastric juice to decompose snake venom, but there must be none in the blood. If the snake venom is decomposed by other enzymes, then the snake venom will be destroyed by itself!

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