If a stone is thrown into the Pacific Ocean, will it be crushed, or will it sink to the bottom of the sea?

The earth is a beautiful blue planet. The main reason why it appears blue is that the ocean area accounts for 71% of the global area. Life on earth can be divided into land life and sea life. Human beings are intelligent life on land. Although human beings can also dive into the ocean, as the ocean increases in depth, the pressure is also increasing. Therefore, the depth we can dive into is very limited.

If you want to dive into the deep sea, you need professional diving equipment, and the pressure in the deep sea is so strong that people feel incredible. If the metal diving equipment goes down to the deep sea for more than 10000 meters, when it returns to the sea, it will also find that part of the diving equipment is crushed. Although the water pressure in the deep sea is super strong, there is not no life there. There is life in the deep sea. Besides life, there are all kinds of rocks on the bottom of the sea.

The main reason why deep-sea fish can swim freely under such strong water pressure is that they have special organs that can survive in the ocean. This organ can balance internal and external pressure and make them achieve balance. This situation is a bit like astronauts walking in space and need to wear spacesuits. It is also to balance internal and external pressure and make them reach a certain level It’s a balance.


The pressure in the deep sea is so strong, can anything be crushed? The question has been raised: if a stone is thrown into the Pacific Ocean, will it be crushed or will it sink all the way to the bottom of the sea? For this problem, some people may think that the pressure in the deep sea is so strong that even the iron ball can be deformed. Isn’t a stone that can be crushed into pieces at will?

Is that really the case? In fact, many people may not think of the real answer. First of all, let’s analyze whether this stone can always sink into the bottom of the sea after it enters the Pacific Ocean. Some people may think that it will not. When it sinks to a certain depth, it will not sink again. In fact, the correct answer is that it will always sink to the bottom of the sea, even if it is 10000 meters deep.

So why? Whether an object can sink in the sea is mainly related to the buoyancy and gravity. If the buoyancy is greater than gravity, the object will not continue to sink. If they are the same, the object will be still in the sea. According to Archimedes’ buoyancy principle, the buoyancy of a submerged stone is always less than that of gravity. This is because the density of a stone is much higher than that of water. As long as a stone enters the ocean, it will sink all the way to the bottom of the sea.

With the increasing depth of the ocean, the sea pressure is also doubling. At this time, the water pressure on the stone will naturally double, but it will not be crushed. The reason is not complicated. This is because the pressure on the stone in all directions in the sea is equal. According to the fourth strength theory, the stone tends to plastic deformation and will not be crushed,


Because the pressure on rocks is the same in all directions in the deep sea, even if the pressure in the deep sea is stronger and stronger, the rocks will not be crushed into pieces by the water pressure, and with the increasing of the water pressure, the density of the rocks will become higher and higher. Of course, the stone is not without damage, although it will not be crushed, but it will be compressed into smaller size.

I believe some friends like to go to the seaside or the beach to pick up stones. You will find that the density of the stones there is very high, and the stones are round and smooth. In fact, it is caused by the pressure of the sea for many years.

However, so far, no one has done such an experiment. For scientists, this may be a fact that needs no doubt and is not worth doing. For ordinary people, it’s almost impossible to do this experiment. Even if we throw a stone into the Pacific Ocean, we can’t follow it.


You know, it’s not easy to enter the deep sea and reach the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. Even with national diving equipment, it’s not easy to venture deep into the deep sea. There are certain risks for human beings there. Although the ocean is not difficult to enter the earth’s interior for exploration, there are still many secrets of the ocean that have not been revealed by us.

For human beings, the deep sea is still a place full of unknown and risk. The current diving equipment of human beings can not navigate freely in the deep sea, and there are many unknown large marine organisms in the deep sea, which will bring great danger if it is not done well. However, with the continuous progress of human science and technology, we believe that there will be more advanced deep-sea diving equipment in the future. At that time, the deep sea will not only be an exploration area for professionals, but also a place for ordinary people to travel and explore. We are looking forward to this day.

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