If a tiger has the weight of a dinosaur, which one is more powerful? The data tell us the answer

The earth has a long life history of 4 billion years. In such a long life, some powerful creatures have been born in different periods. Among the many ancient creatures, dinosaurs should be the most impressive.

As we all know about dinosaurs, modern scientists have discovered a large number of dinosaur fossils through archaeology, thus realizing that 65 million years ago, there was an era when dinosaurs dominated the world. According to research, dinosaurs ruled the earth for 160 million years, which is not a short time. It is only 2 million years since the birth of human beings.

There is a big difference between ancient earth creatures and modern creatures in body shape. I believe many friends know that ancient creatures are synonymous with giant, and most of them are much bigger than modern animals. Dinosaurs, in particular, are the best of giant creatures. Dinosaurs do not refer to only one kind of creature. They are a general term containing many different species.


In the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, dinosaurs were the mainstream of the earth, accounting for more than 90% of the earth’s life at that time. There are not only land dinosaurs, but also aquatic dinosaurs and flying dinosaurs in the sky. Therefore, dinosaurs are just a general term, the same as mammals. Mammals are just a general term. There are many different species, including human beings.

Dinosaurs are basically synonymous with tall, especially some dinosaurs living on land, which are so big that we are afraid of them. Of course, not all dinosaurs were very fierce. Among them, herbivorous dinosaurs were very gentle. Although they were very large, they would not attack other animals easily. And those carnivorous dinosaurs are not so mild, most of them are more ferocious, and the king is Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Dinosaurs, such a huge race, naturally have a king, and this king is Tyrannosaurus Rex. So how big was Tyrannosaurus Rex? Its body length can reach about 15 meters, the highest head height is nearly 6 meters, and its weight can reach 9 tons. It’s two stories high. Although Tyrannosaurus rex was not the largest dinosaur family at that time, its attack power was the most powerful.


Today’s earth is the era of mammals as the mainstream, and in many kinds of mammals, speaking of the king, many people will think of the tiger. Yes, we call tiger the king of beasts, the king of forests, which shows its position in the modern food chain. Although the lion is also known as the king, but in terms of combat effectiveness, the lion is far less than the tiger.

Lions are powerful because they live in groups. We all know that lions live in groups, so they attack each other when they hunt for food. The tiger is a lone ranger, it is to their own body’s strong power to prey. Therefore, the lion is not the opponent of the tiger. Therefore, in the modern biosphere of the earth, the tiger is absolutely the king.

Of course, the modern tiger’s body shape is far less than that of T-Rex, so someone raised such an interesting topic: if a tiger has the body shape of a dinosaur, which one is more powerful? If we send a tiger of the same size back to the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, who will win in the end?


To understand this problem, we need to compare and analyze some data from various aspects. First of all, the ancestor of the tiger is also the existence of overlord class, so who is the ancestor of the tiger? In fact, it is a saber toothed tiger. It lived in the Pleistocene. The adult saber toothed tiger is more than 3 meters long and weighs about 400 kg.

Although the saber toothed tiger is much bigger than the current tiger, it is still much worse than the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Take the weight, 400 kg and 9 tons are not in the same level at all. If the modern tiger also has the weight of 9 tons, can it beat the Tyrannosaurus Rex?

In the world of animals, power is the king, as long as you have a strong power to defeat the opponent. But if it’s a biological contest with the same level of strength, who can win will need more factors. In addition to considering who is stronger and who is weaker, we also need to consider who has more powerful aggressive organs.


Tigers, as we all know, belong to the cat family, which is born with very good agility. Many people like to keep cats. I believe we all know the agility of cats. Sometimes we see cats and dogs fighting. Although dogs are several times bigger than cats, in cat dog duels, dogs are hard to take advantage of and are often bullied by cats.

No matter how powerful you are, it’s useless if you can’t reach the other side. Tigers belong to the cat family, and naturally have very flexible attributes. Even though its body has reached the same level as T. rex, it has an advantage over T. rex in terms of flexibility. In fact, besides flying in the sky, land dinosaurs are not very flexible.

In addition to being flexible, cats have very sharp claws and powerful teeth. Through these data, many people may say that once Tyrannosaurus Rex meets a tiger of the same weight, it will have no advantage? Can tigers win the final victory?


In fact, the probability of tiger winning is not big. Why do you say that? After looking at the tiger’s inborn advantages, let’s look at the Tyrannosaurus Rex’s inborn advantages. From the fossils of Tyrannosaurus Rex discovered in modern archaeology, we can see that Tyrannosaurus rex has very strong bone and muscle tissue, which shows that its defense is very strong, which is unmatched by tigers.

Tiger’s defense is not strong, and Tyrannosaurus rex has a strong explosive power, which is also the key to its ability to become the king of the dinosaur family. Although some herbivorous dinosaurs are much bigger than Tyrannosaurus Rex, they will still be defeated in the face of powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex. Tyrannosaurus Rex became king because of its attack power and explosive power.

And Tyrannosaurus Rex also has very strong teeth, in addition, Tyrannosaurus Rex also has a congenital advantage, that is tall. Through dinosaur fossils, we can know that although dinosaurs have limbs, they mainly rely on strong hind limbs to walk, so they also have the preliminary advantage of upright walking, so the height of dinosaurs is very high.


The tiger is four legged, even if its weight reached the same level as dinosaurs, but its height can not be compared with Tyrannosaurus Rex. In this case, it is more difficult for the tiger to bite the T. rex’s neck in the duel. You know, for a Tyrannosaurus Rex with very strong defense, its weakness is above the neck.

If tigers can’t bite their necks, it’s hard to do too much damage to Tyrannosaurus Rex. The Tyrannosaurus Rex’s powerful attack power and explosive power can easily attack the tiger, find the right opportunity, and the tiger may be finished with one bite. Through the comparison of these data, we can see that even if the tiger has the same weight as Tyrannosaurus Rex, it is difficult to defeat Tyrannosaurus Rex.

Of course, it’s just some simulation data we have now to guess what the age of dinosaurs was like? How powerful Tyrannosaurus Rex is, it is difficult for us to really restore that era through some modern dinosaur fossils, unless we can develop a time machine in the future, which can travel back to the dinosaur era 65 million years ago. Only in that way, can we really get rid of the main dragon. Of course, whether the time machine exists is still unknown.


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