If accidentally swallowed by a whale, is there a way to save yourself? See how the killers do it

71% of the earth’s area is the ocean, and there are many creatures in the ocean. Among them, the most important animal in the world is also in the ocean. The dominant animal in the ocean is the whale. There are two kinds of whales, one is the baleen whale, and the other is the toothed whale. The difference between them is that the baleen whale has no teeth, while the toothed whale has sharp teeth.

Toothed whales need to chew when they eat. As a result, food will be chewed into stuffing by sharp teeth when it enters their mouth. Therefore, if you are accidentally swallowed by toothed whales, you have no chance to survive. You can’t even escape the tooth level. Even some big toothed whales may let you escape the tooth level, but the throat muscles of toothed whales are very developed, and the food passes through When it’s time to be squeezed, the general body can’t bear it at all.

The only ones that are likely to be swallowed by whales are baleen whales, which have no teeth and eat raw food. If you are swallowed, it will go directly into your stomach. If you are lucky, it may be vomited out by whales, and there is a very small chance of survival. Of course, there is no oxygen in the whale’s stomach. After you go in, you will face the threat of suffocation and death. Moreover, there is gastric acid in the stomach, which will gradually decompose your body. The only chance to survive is that the Whale will feel uncomfortable after eating food, and will vomit out the things in its stomach, so you may be vomited out.


If you are swallowed by a baleen whale with equipment, if you want to survive, you have to find a way to let the whale spit you out. If you want to let the whale spit you out, you have to use some sharp things to stimulate the whale’s stomach. If you are lucky, the whale may feel that it can’t use it in its stomach, and it may not be able to bear to spit you out.

There is an extreme Challenger abroad who is ready to do the challenge of escaping from the whale’s stomach. He first selected a diving suit made of a special material, which not only can resist the highly corrosive digestive fluid in the whale’s stomach, but also can’t scratch it by the whale’s teeth. At the same time, he also needs to bring a close fitting oxygen bag.

After making these preparations, he took the action team to set out by boat. They set out toward the Pacific Ocean. A few years later, they came to the active waters of blue whale and found a blue whale. Why did he choose blue whale to do this experiment and challenge? Because the blue whale is the largest whale in the ocean and the largest animal on the earth, and it is a baleen whale with no teeth. Only the huge blue whale can be selected for the experiment, with the highest safety and success rate.

We know that the blue whale is very docile, and will not take the initiative to attack humans and ships. Therefore, it will take a lot of effort to successfully let the blue whale swallow the challenger. The Challenger deliberately drove a speedboat to pick the side of it, and the constant harassment finally annoyed the blue whale. When it opened its mouth, the Challenger jumped into the sea with lightning speed and followed the sea Into the mouth of the whale.


After entering the mouth of the blue whale, the Challenger felt dark in front of his eyes, and then along the wall of the whale’s throat, waiting for the blue whale to breathe in the sea again. The Challenger successfully entered the whale’s stomach. At this time, he felt that he was tightly clamped, and his body could only move back and forth. After staying in the stomach of the blue whale for a while, the Challenger couldn’t stand the heat and dehydration. Fortunately, with oxygen, his safety was temporarily improved There’s no problem with it.

The Challenger felt that he had to prepare an escape plan. If he continued to stay in his stomach, he might faint even if there was oxygen. He took out his sharp object to stimulate the whale’s stomach, but the whale didn’t seem to react strongly. If he wanted to make the whale spit out, it seemed that he had to think of another way. At the last moment, the Challenger thought of another way, that is to take the oxygen with him Let out the oxygen.

Sometimes we feel bloated, very uncomfortable, food will spit out, this is actually caused by our stomach into the air conditioning, the Challenger also thought of this method, he released oxygen, so that the whale stomach into the air conditioning, blue whale immediately feel bloated stomach very uncomfortable, the belly of the whale as if the general, grunting.


At this time, the blue whale also rolled up and down in the sea because of the extreme discomfort in the fishy. Finally, it couldn’t stand it and vomited the food in its belly together with the challenger. This experiment and challenge is full of adventure. Although it is successful in the end, it also makes the Challenger feel afraid. This is still that he almost died in the belly of the whale when he was fully armed. If the ordinary people without arms were accidentally swallowed by the blue whale, the probability of successful escape would be lower than the probability of winning the first prize in the lottery, unless there was a big outbreak of luck, the whale would be killed If you swallow it, you will feel uncomfortable and vomit. Otherwise, there is no possibility of life or death.

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