If alien technology is one million years ahead of human beings, why don’t they come to earth? Hawking explains!

In this universe, human beings are always small. Many people believe that human beings are not the only intelligent life, and there must be extraterrestrial life in the vast universe. Many scientists believe that if extraterrestrial life really exists, human technology will be inferior. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this question. If aliens are one million years ahead of earth civilization, have they come to earth?


There are many scientists who believe that aliens exist. Hawking believes that extraterrestrial life exists. He thinks that aliens are watching people silently, so we should not look for them frequently. Strictly speaking, the history of human civilization is only tens of thousands of years. Compared with the 13 billion years of the universe, it is a drop in the ocean. Therefore, if alien civilizations really exist, their technological level may be millions of years higher than ours.

Some people think that since the technology level of the aliens is so advanced, they can drive the spacecraft to roam in the universe, and they can go to any planet they want to go to. Therefore, the aliens have already come to the earth, but with our technology level, we have not found the footprints of the aliens at all. Many conspiracy theorists believe that these endless UFO incidents are actually related to aliens. Otherwise, it is impossible to explain why these aircraft have such high speed and can not stay for a long time.


Hawking’s view


Hawking put forward a different view. He thinks that extraterrestrial life is more advanced than earth civilization. The reason why they didn’t reach the earth is that they probably didn’t find the existence of the earth. Maybe the aliens grew up at the farthest end of the earth. Even if their technology level is very high, it will take a long time to reach the earth. The distance between the planets is very far, and the cost of going to any planet must be considered. Even if their aircraft is very advanced, the cost of coming to the earth is too high.

We can also think that since the technological level of extraterrestrial life is far higher than that of human beings, it means that the resources on earth are not mentioned to aliens at all. Perhaps the planet where extraterrestrial life exists is far more developed in material and energy than the earth, so the earth is not worth watching at all.


With the current scientific and technological means of human beings, the existence of life is still an unsolved mystery, let alone the question of whether extraterrestrial life has come to the earth. Until now, we have no evidence to prove the fact that aliens have come to the earth. Perhaps, as some netizens said, aliens may have disguised as human beings and hidden around us, Watching our every move, I don’t know what you think?


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