If aliens attack the earth, what weapons can humans use to fight back? Nuclear weapons?

The universe is so vast and has unlimited possibilities, so there should be intelligent alien creatures, and the number is not too small, but we can’t find them at our current level.


Maybe the development level of human beings is similar and the universe is still in the primary stage of exploration, or maybe the technology level of alien intelligent life is much higher than that of the earth, and it can walk out of its own planet and explore the secrets of other planets.

In reality, many netizens will feel that the scientific and technological level of alien civilization is far higher than ours, so if aliens really find the earth and come to the earth, it will definitely be a terrible disaster for human beings.


We can often see the alien invasion of the earth in science fiction films and TV works. However, no matter how fierce the struggle between the alien and human is, the final winner is still human.


Even though aliens are much more powerful than us, human weapons can still do harm to them.

Driven by curiosity, our exploration of the universe has never stopped. At present, scientists have found that the observable universe is 93 billion light-years, but we know that the real universe is definitely more than that.


Although our understanding of the solar system has been relatively clear, we are still unable to further understand and uncover the mysteries of the universe.


In the search for alien civilization, scientists have tried to send radio signals, and even let Voyager 2 space probe carry an earth gold record of all kinds of sounds and music to the universe.

We hope to be discovered by aliens one day, but in any case, we haven’t seen any sign of extraterrestrial life.


Just when scientists actively put a lot of energy into the search for extraterrestrial life, the great physicist Hawking opposed it.


He has repeatedly said that he does not want human beings to come into contact with alien civilizations, because the universe has a history of more than 10 billion years.

If the alien civilization we find is friendly to human beings, then it’s really something to be happy about.


But if the alien civilization takes a fancy to the earth and wants to occupy such a colorful planet as the earth, then the alien intelligent creatures are a threat to human beings, and trying to contact with aliens is even more dangerous.


If they want to attack humans, what should humans do? What weapons can mankind fight with?

At this time, many people may think of nuclear weapons with the effect of mass destruction.


Nuclear weapon is a kind of weapon which takes the huge energy released by nuclear reaction as its destructive power. It is the most powerful weapon ever invented by human beings.


Human beings have used nuclear weapons twice in wars. The power of nuclear weapons and atomic bombs has destroyed the two cities at that time. We can see how powerful the power and destructive power are.

Xiaobian believes that no one will want to defeat alien civilization through nuclear weapons unless he has to. After all, this is a result of both sides being defeated. Do we have any other options besides nuclear weapons?


Don’t forget, in addition to nuclear weapons, we also have a new type of weapon called laser gun.


Laser gun is a kind of high-energy laser weapon, which uses the huge energy carried by the powerful directional laser beam to directly damage or disable the enemy’s aircraft, missiles, satellites and personnel.

Because the speed of laser weapon is the speed of light, it does not need advance in use. But it also has weaknesses. Because the laser is easily affected by the weather, and when passing through the atmosphere, it may be weakened by the thick atmosphere.


In addition to laser gun, we also have electromagnetic gun. Electromagnetic gun is an advanced kinetic energy killing weapon made of electromagnetic launching technology. It can use the ampere force generated by the electromagnetic system and electromagnetic field to accelerate the metal projectile, so that it has enough power to focus on the target.


To sum up, we still have many powerful weapons. So Xiaobian thinks that if the earth is really invaded by alien civilizations, then we should still be able to resist their attacks.

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