If aliens want to buy the earth, how much will it cost? American scientists give the value!

If aliens want to buy the earth, how much will it cost? American scientists give the value!


The earth has bred countless lives, showing a vibrant picture. Human beings have lived on the earth for a long time and have a deeper understanding of the earth. Many people think they know the earth very well. When we really walk out of the earth, we will know how small the earth is. There are too many unsolved mysteries in the vast universe, which lead human beings to continue to explore.


From the moment of birth, everyone is destined to have a different life. The trajectory of life can be changed through their own efforts. Although many people are poor, they create value through their unremitting persistence, leaving precious wealth to be remembered by the world. Some people are of extraordinary origin, have a lot of wealth, and stand on the finish line of others as soon as they are born. There is no lack of rich people in the world. Even if they are rich, many things can’t be bought, such as family affection, friendship and so on. These are priceless treasures. If aliens want to buy the earth, how much will it cost? American scientists give the value!


Someone once put forward the idea that if one day aliens want to buy the earth, how much can we sell the earth we live on? Many people show their different views. Some people think that even the richest people can’t buy the earth. The earth has countless resources and many precious species, which are immeasurable. If you really want to buy the earth, how much should the earth be worth? Scientists make fine calculations of the earth.


If we only calculate the ocean of the earth, the total value of water on the earth can reach 50 trillion US dollars at the price of three yuan per cubic meter. What is the concept? Not only water, there are abundant gold and diamonds, non renewable oil, natural gas and other resources on the earth, all of which are inestimable. What’s more, there are many rare metals on the earth that have not been developed. The price of these rare metals can at least surprise people. In terms of total oil resources alone, it has reached 1.09 million US dollars, as well as coal, natural gas and so on. If all these are taken into account, the value is simply beyond imagination.


There was once a physicist named Greg Laughlin in the United States who estimated the total value of the earth and calculated that the value of the earth reached at least 483 million US dollars. Many people can’t imagine how huge the figure is. If all the US dollars are converted into RMB, it is estimated that the entire Pacific Ocean may not be able to hold it. It is impossible for aliens to spend so much money to buy the earth.


Therefore, all the treasures on the earth are valuable. Everyone of us should pay attention to the resources on the earth and take good care of them so as not to waste them easily. If these resources are exhausted one day in the future, it will have a huge impact on mankind, and it will be too late to regret. How much is the earth worth in your hearts? You can leave a message for interaction.

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