If all the creatures in the world unite to attack human beings, can we stop them?

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, with millions of creatures. Although there are many kinds of creatures, the only intelligent life is human beings. Human beings are intelligent life, creatures at the end of the food chain, and the overlord of the world. 65 million years ago, the earth also gave birth to the dominant class of biological dinosaurs, but humans and dinosaurs dominate the world in a different way.

Dinosaurs dominate the world, relying on their own strong physical strength, while human beings do not have strong physical strength, but have developed wisdom. Relying on our wisdom, we have become the overlord of the earth, standing at the top of the food chain. Millions of other kinds of life can only be managed by human beings, and many of them have become human food.

In front of other people’s food, no matter you are a powerful marine creature or a powerful terrestrial creature, if human beings want to eat you, you can’t escape. In the whole biosphere of the earth, the number of organisms may be as high as one trillion, while the number of human beings is only about seven billion, which is a huge gap. Although the number of organisms far exceeds that of human beings, human beings are still the overlord of the earth. Some people may say that it’s because the creatures on earth don’t take the initiative to attack humans and live in peace with us. If all the creatures on the earth unite to attack human beings, can we stop them?


I believe this interesting topic can arouse the interest of many people. If one day in the future, such a thing really happens, all creatures unite to attack human beings, can we stop it? Some people may say that human beings have entered the scientific and technological civilization and have more and more powerful weapons. No matter how many ants there are, they will not threaten human beings. Is this really the case?

The fact that human beings can resist the joint attack of all living things is only human self deception. Yes, human beings have more and more powerful technology, including nuclear weapons that can destroy the sky and the earth. Once all human nuclear weapons are detonated, they will be enough to make life on earth extinct several times. But can we use such weapons at will? If it is used, even if the biological united army is destroyed, human beings will be ruined. What’s the point?

Therefore, if there is a war between human beings and the United forces of earth creatures, we can only rely on conventional weapons. Can these weapons resist the attack of trillions of creatures on the earth? The answer is very difficult. Some people may say that only human beings are intelligent creatures on the earth, and other creatures have no intelligence and complete unity.

In fact, it is true that, except for human beings, the activities of other creatures depend on their own instincts. It is impossible for creatures without wisdom to form a coalition. They will only be groups. The weak in the biological chain will make them fight and compete with each other. It’s just like when a cat and a mouse meet, they can’t give up their instinctive hunting behavior and become good brothers and sisters. Another example is when a tiger meets a hare, can it live in peace with the hare? The answer is No.


The above is that animals can’t unite without wisdom. But if one day, millions of creatures are really united, it can only show that animals have wisdom, not barbaric creatures, but intelligent life. At that time, the instinct between creatures would be controlled by wisdom. Cats and mice would no longer be enemies, and wild animals would not be killed easily.

Once all the creatures on the earth have produced wisdom, then the human crisis may come. We should know that human beings, as the overlord, destroy the biological world very seriously. We not only destroy countless biological homes, but also put countless creatures on the table. I’m afraid that the living things on the earth have not been eaten by human beings, only the living things on the earth.

The reason why the underground creatures have escaped the killing of human beings is that we do not have the ability to go deep into the earth. Once the future technology is further developed and powerful tools are available to go deep into the earth, the underground creatures will not escape the hand of human beings. It can be seen that human beings make many enemies in the biological world of the earth.


When all creatures have wisdom, they may form a united army to destroy human beings first. At this time, mankind is facing a trillion biological forces. Seeing this number, we will tremble. It is true that human powerful weapons can temporarily resist the attack of the biological army, but as time goes on, the advantage will continue to shift to the biological army.

Moreover, there are many kinds of organisms on the earth. Our powerful weapons can not be afraid of the threat of some large organisms, but for some small organisms, such as bacteria and viruses, they are pervasive and invisible, which may bring great threat to human beings. Just imagine, who is the largest number of living things on earth? That must be microbes.

Once all the microbes attack human beings, we will be in danger. This is not something that can be eliminated by simple weapons. For example, the outbreak of new coronavirus in recent months has brought us much trouble. Even if the future science and technology of human beings go further, it is difficult for us to eliminate the threat of all bacterial viruses. In addition to these invisible tiny creatures, there are many other creatures that can poison, which is also a huge killing move.

It can be seen that once all creatures have wisdom and unite to attack human beings, human beings will probably fail without using nuclear weapons. But once nuclear weapons are used, under the power of destroying the sky and the earth, the biological united army will be destroyed. At the same time, the ecology of the earth will be completely destroyed, and mankind will not escape the fate of extinction.


Of course, the above situation is very difficult to happen in reality. It takes a long period of evolution for any creature to generate wisdom, which is not an easy thing. So we don’t have to worry about one day when all the creatures on the earth will unite to attack human beings. However, it is wrong to say that such a thing is 100% impossible in the future, and animals may have wisdom one day.

But the process of the birth of wisdom may not be natural factors, but man-made. We all know that human beings have been exploring the mysteries of life since they entered the era of science and technology. With the continuous development of gene technology, it is possible to explore a way to make ordinary organisms produce wisdom quickly in the future. There is a film “the rise of the scarlet ball” that describes the laboratory ape, awakened by human genetic technology, thus opening a war with human beings.

If human beings really have the technology to make organisms evolve into intelligent creatures in the future, will we keep it in check? The answer is very difficult. Human beings are high-level life with heavy exploration and curiosity, and have a strong spirit of adventure. Once a technology is realized, it is impossible for us to give up the research and exploration of it completely. For example, artificial intelligence, we know that it is possible to awaken self-consciousness in the future, thus bringing unknown crisis to human beings. But have we given up on AI now? Not only is it not, but it is accelerating.


In the eyes of scientists, if artificial intelligence can be developed to the stage of intelligence, it is a great achievement, and we will not consider too many unknown risks. In the same way, once we have mastered the technology of intelligent evolution, we can not abandon it. What’s more, we can constantly awaken the wisdom of animals.

Therefore, with the existence of human beings, it is possible for animals to become intelligent life in the future. But at that time, it was hard to say whether it was good or bad for human civilization. Maybe in the eyes of many people, even if animals have wisdom, they can’t compare with human beings. We will still be the overlord of the world.

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