If “artificial uterus” comes out successfully, what kind of influence will it bring to human beings?

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Any life needs to continue through reproduction. Human beings are mammals. If we want to complete the continuation of civilization, we need to continue to have children. But it’s not easy for mammals, especially humans, to conceive children.

We all know that if a mother wants to give birth to a child, she needs the child to fully develop in her mother’s womb for about 10 months, which is often called “October pregnancy”. When the child develops in the mother’s stomach, the mother usually needs all kinds of care and needs to be careful, otherwise it is easy to hurt the child.


The real pain for a mother is when she gives birth to a child, which is extremely painful and life-threatening. As an old saying goes, childbirth is “when a child is born, when a mother is dead, there is only one layer of paper between life and death.”. From this, it can be seen that it is not easy to have a baby. Moreover, if the mother does not recover well after giving birth, she will easily fall into some problems. Not only her body may be out of shape, but also some diseases will accompany her for life.

The above is just the normal process of giving birth, but in reality, due to a variety of reasons, many babies can not complete the time of staying in the mother’s body for 10 months, and they are often born ahead of time, which is what we call premature infants. As we all know, most premature infants can not survive, even if they survive, they are prone to some sequelae. In Philadelphia, about 10000 babies are born prematurely every year, but only a few hundred survive.

At the same time, a mother who wants to have a child has many requirements for age. The younger the mother is, the less the risk of having a child is. If elderly mothers want to have children, the risk will be much greater. Although the medical technology is more and more developed, the risk of elderly mothers is still very large. So many elderly women, because they are unable to have children or dare not, can only choose to have a child and realize their wish to be a mother.


All of the above, we can see that children are the future of mankind, but the birth of a child is often accompanied by a variety of risks, not only for children, but also for adults. So is there a technology that can make having a baby very easy? The answer is yes, “artificial uterus” can realize many people’s dream of having children.

The reason why women are able to have children is that there is an important organ in the body, the uterus, which is the place where the mother completes the cultivation and growth before the baby is born. Only when the child grows up healthily in the mother’s womb can a healthy baby be born. Since the uterus is the most important place to nurture a child before it is born, can we complete this process through artificial uterus?

In April 2017, Anan freck’s research team from children’s Hospital of Philadelphia in the United States published an article in nature news, saying that their “artificial uterus” has passed the animal test for the first time. The researchers created a polyethylene film bag filled with artificial amniotic fluid (warm water containing salt and other electrolytes) to simulate the womb of a ewe. Oxygen was connected through the umbilical cord interface to form a closed artificial fluid environment. A machine placenta is arranged outside the polyethylene film bag, and the “blood vessel” of the placenta is connected with the umbilical cord of the premature lamb.


Eight 110 day old super preterm lambs (equivalent to human preterm infants at 23-24 weeks of gestation) were selected for the test, which is the earliest time that human infants can be born. Four weeks after being conceived in an artificial uterus, the lamb was born. A number of physiological indicators test results show that lambs develop normally, they can swallow and breathe normally, except for some lambs with mild lung inflammation, other lambs are very healthy.

Through the success of the artificial uterus experiment in animals, it shows that the artificial uterus is completely feasible to complete the baby’s rest cultivation. Although scientists are still studying and experimenting, and have not yet realized the experiment on human babies, we believe that as long as we study and explore hard, we believe that the artificial uterus can be realized in a short time, and its function is exactly the same as that of the womb in women’s body, which has the same function of cultivating babies.

If “artificial uterus” comes out successfully in the future, what kind of impact will it bring to mankind? Many people may think of this problem. Once the artificial uterus is successfully introduced, it may become very easy to have children in the future. Women who want to be mothers no longer have to worry about it. Having children will make their body lose shape and experience the pain of childbirth.


At that time, we only need to complete in vitro fertilization through technology, and then introduce the fertilized eggs into the artificial uterus, and we can complete the in vitro cultivation process of October pregnancy. This kind of thing, mothers may not be able to realize the feeling of the flesh and blood connection when their children are pregnant in October, but we can feel another kind of experience, that is, watching their baby grow from a small fertilized egg to a lovely treasure step by step.

After the successful birth of artificial uterus, in addition to giving young mothers who don’t want to suffer physical pain a choice, more is to let those infertile or older women have the opportunity to be mothers. Even if you are 80 years old, you can still achieve a different birth process through artificial uterus, so as to be a successful mother or have another baby.

It can be seen that if the artificial uterus can be successfully produced, it will definitely be a great happiness for millions of women compatriots, and the impact will be unimaginable. Of course, artificial uterus has brought great benefits to female compatriots, but it may not be good news for male compatriots. Perhaps many male compatriots also don’t want to see the pain of their wives having children, so they choose artificial uterus to complete the cultivation of their babies.


But it may not be good for single male compatriots. Why do you say that? Because at that time, more and more women would choose to be single. With the progress and development of society, women’s status and self-reliance are getting higher and higher. Although many women do not want to get married now, they still choose to get married and have children in order to realize their dream of becoming a mother.

But if the artificial uterus is successfully realized, women who don’t want to get married and want to have children will have a better choice, that is, through the combination of test tube baby and artificial uterus, they can easily realize their dream of being a mother, and they don’t have to choose a man to get married to be a mother. And the whole process has no impact on themselves, does not affect work, does not affect daily life.

Therefore, artificial uterus will be more popular for many strong women in the workplace. They are career oriented, and they don’t want to get married early or even unwilling to get married, but they want to have a child, but the whole process of having a child takes a long time, which will affect their career development. Before the advent of artificial uterus, it was a very difficult choice, but after the advent of artificial uterus, everything became very simple.


Therefore, once the artificial uterus comes out in the future, it will have a great impact on human beings. It is possible that there will be more and more single men and women, but the number of children will continue to grow. On the whole, it is conducive to the development of human civilization. Children are the future of mankind, but now due to various factors, the birth rate is not high, if this trend develops for a long time, it will restrict the development of mankind.

And the success of artificial uterus is likely to reverse this trend to a certain extent, so that the birth rate of newborns is increasing, and human beings can maintain a positive and healthy young state, so that the whole human civilization can be more dynamic and have better development.

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