If black holes intrude into the solar system, what will be the fate of the earth and mankind? Can you survive?

In this paper, I participated in the series of solicitations of the great astronomy and Astronautics of Recordunkown science

There are numerous celestial bodies in the vast universe. In addition to our common stars and planets, there are also some special mysterious celestial bodies, such as neutron stars, pulsars, black holes and so on. If you want to ask which kind of celestial body in the universe is the most mysterious and powerful, I believe many friends will answer: black hole.

It’s true that black holes are the absolute overlord among the celestial bodies in the universe recognized by human beings. The reason why they can become the overlord of the universe is that the mass of black holes is so large that we can’t imagine. We should know that in the universe, mass is the main standard to measure the strength of an celestial body. Besides super mass, a black hole also has its own bug, which is phagocytosis.


If two objects of the same mass are close to each other, one is a star, and the other is a black hole, then the last one to be eaten must be a star. Although they have the same mass and the same gravity, black holes can be devoured by their own bug ability without fear. Even if the mass of the celestial body is larger than it, it is not afraid and can be devoured a little bit.

There is no definite answer to why a black hole has such a powerful phagocytic power. Some people think that the center of a black hole is a singularity with infinite mass and infinitesimal volume. It is this mysterious singularity that exerts a huge pressure on the cosmic membrane, thus distorting the space around it. At the same time, it makes the space around it form a space storm, that is to say It’s the vortex of gravity that we understand.

The singularity is no stranger to us. Modern science believes that the universe is a big explosion of singularity, which shows how mysterious the singularity is and how powerful its power is. Because the only solid part of the black hole may be this singularity, and this singularity is so mysterious, although it has a very large mass, its volume is incredibly small. Therefore, in a sense, a black hole is a celestial body without physical structure.

Black hole’s hegemony makes it go where, where will suffer, the surrounding celestial bodies and materials are swallowed up by it, leaving a cosmic hole. Through observation, scientists have found that there are many holes in the universe, just like something has dug up all the matter from it. With this ability, scientists can only think of black holes. Maybe the holes in the universe are the result of black holes.


Black holes are so powerful and terrible that they are not welcome to a galaxy, especially to the solar system. So someone raised such an interesting topic: if one day a black hole intrudes into the solar system, what will be the fate of the earth and human beings? Can humans survive?

The phagocytic power of black hole is beyond our imagination. No one knows how much material it can devour. It seems that it can be endless. Moreover, black hole can grow continuously by phagocytizing material. Small black hole grows into a big black hole slowly. Like the supermassive black hole in the center of the galaxy, there are small black holes growing up step by step.

As long as the matter within the horizon of the black hole is swallowed, including light, it will be a devastating disaster for the whole galaxy if a black hole enters the solar system. Not only the eight planets and all kinds of small planets will be swallowed, but also the star sun will be swallowed finally, and the solar system will disappear from the universe.


If the sun can’t stop the phagocytosis of the black hole, then the earth can’t escape, and will be pulled into its horizon by the gravity of the black hole. Of course, it won’t be so fast for the black hole to phagocytize the earth, and it will take a long process. First, the earth’s atmosphere will be stripped, then the earth’s material will be decomposed into the black hole horizon, and finally it will fall into the black hole and be swallowed.

Some people say that once the earth completely enters the black hole, everything on the earth will be stretched into two-dimensional matter, and the human body may also be dislocated by the instantly stretched body. It is possible that our head is outside the black hole, and our feet don’t know where to go. Some people think that once the earth enters the black hole, all the matter will be compressed and finally become basic particles. A large earth will be compressed into a point.

In the existing scientific understanding of black holes, once the earth is engulfed by black holes, the fate of the earth and human beings will be doomed, that is, completely disappear. So is the current scientific understanding of black holes correct? I believe many people will say that it is not necessarily true. Yes, black hole is the most mysterious celestial body in the universe, and its essence is still unknown.

Now all human cognition of black holes is still in the stage of conjecture. Although we have taken the first picture of black holes in human history, that picture of black holes is just a picture of the horizon of black holes. What is the situation of the center and interior of black holes is still unknown. Because the black hole can swallow even light, we can not understand the internal situation of the black hole through the reflection of light.


Therefore, modern science still only conjectures about the fate of matter swallowed by black holes. Some scientists think that black holes may be as terrible as we imagine. All things in the world do not disappear completely. It is inconceivable that black holes can swallow up endless matter. So, has the matter swallowed by them really disappeared completely?

It is possible that the black hole is a wormhole, and the other side is a white hole. The black hole devours matter, and the white hole spits out matter. The matter swallowed by the black hole does not disappear, but is transported to another distant space. If so, the earth may not disappear completely once swallowed by black holes. Maybe it’s just that we’ve been transported to the deep universe by the black hole, and human beings have only experienced an interstellar transmission into the black hole.

Of course, these are just our guesses. If we want to really study what a black hole is, we may need to really go deep into the black hole. That’s very demanding for human science and technology. It may take us tens of thousands of years to figure out. For us now, once a black hole intrudes into the solar system, we will be in big trouble.


Some people think that black holes don’t reflect light. If there is a black hole in the solar system, we can’t find it. In fact, if the black hole is still in interstellar space, it has no celestial bodies and matter to swallow, so it is a dark existence, which we can’t observe. But when a black hole enters the solar system from the interstellar space outside the solar system, it will cause a chain reaction.

As we all know, there is a Kuiper belt around the solar system on the edge of the solar system, in which there are countless celestial bodies. If a black hole wants to enter the sun, the galaxy must first pass through the Kuiper belt. However, the powerful phagocytic ability of black holes will inevitably produce a series of gravitational effects on the objects in the Kuiper belt. At this time, a large number of celestial bodies enter the horizon of the black hole and are torn up to rotate around the black hole at high speed.

At this time, the material friction within the horizon of the black hole will produce huge radiation energy. At this time, there will be light radiation, which will be observed by astronomical telescopes. Therefore, once a black hole enters the edge of the solar system, it is difficult to find it or not. At this time, if the earth and human want to get rid of the fate of being engulfed by the black hole, it depends on the scientific and technological strength of human beings at that time.

If human civilization has become an interstellar civilization, we don’t have to worry about being engulfed by black holes. When we find that a black hole has entered the edge of the solar system, we can start the interstellar migration program and leave the solar system. If you are strong enough, you can pack the earth together and take it away. Like wandering earth, you can install a planetary engine on the earth to become a wandering planet and leave the solar system together.


Of course, this kind of situation can be easily achieved as long as human beings enter the initial interstellar civilization. With the ability of interstellar navigation, a black hole can not threaten human survival at all. If human beings go further and fully grasp the mystery of black holes, they can eliminate them through science and technology, so that they can not cause damage to the solar system, let alone threaten the earth. It can be seen that science and technology is the real powerful weapon for human beings, and it is also the foundation for human beings to survive in the universe for a long time. As long as science and technology are strong enough, any disaster in the universe can be solved.

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