If breathing like this for a long time can make you ugly? Let’s see if you used it wrong

Why does Xiaobian say that if you use the wrong way of breathing, people will become ugly? Don’t worry. It’s true. Let’s take our time.


All of us can breathe in two ways: nose breathing and mouth breathing. For normal people, most of them use nose breathing to let gas enter the respiratory tract through the nasal cavity, which is very correct. But for a small number of people, they prefer to breathe with their mouth. For example, you are playing with your mobile phone with your mouth open now, and you are breathing with your mouth open when you are sleeping. It is such a trivial detail that will make people ugly.

Let’s take a look at why people breathe with their noses


1. There are mucous membrane and nasal hair in the nasal cavity, which can clean the inhaled air and increase the humidity of the inhaled air.


2. When the lung extracts oxygen from the air, it is mainly carried out when we exhale, and the mouth is much larger than the nostril. In this way, when people exhale, the lung can not extract oxygen from the air in time, so when we breathe with a big mouth, we will also feel that we are not breathing enough.

3. The respiratory system itself includes the nasal cavity, but not the oral cavity. If you breathe with your mouth, you will feel like a “dog taking a mouse and meddling”. Naturally, the “leader” of the respiratory system is also the “relevant leader” of the central nervous system. If you breathe with your mouth, the relevant leaders can’t adjust our wrong breathing, which is easy to cause snoring during sleep.


So we should use our nose to breathe. This is not what I said right or what you said right. It has scientific basis. So why does breathing with your mouth make you ugly?


There is an adenoid in our oral cavity, which is commonly called pharyngeal tonsil. Pharyngeal tonsil will begin to atrophy when it develops to about 12 years old, and oral breathing will lead to “adenoid hypertrophy”, thus leading to “adenoid face”. What is an adenoid face? It’s because of the hypertrophy of adenoids, which leads to uneven teeth, prominent upper incisors, hypertrophic lips, stiff facial expression, etc. in short, it looks a bit silly, like ugly duckling or pig Bajie.

Xiaobian did have such an experience. When I was young, because of a cold, my nose was not ventilated after I fell asleep at night, and I began to breathe with my mouth. After I got up in the morning, my mouth was dry. Later, I grew up and unfortunately got rhinitis… When I had rhinitis, I was too uncomfortable and I would breathe with my mouth, so I was afraid… Sometimes I would snore, and the longer it was, the uglier it would be


If you have a similar experience with Xiaobian, don’t worry. You must get rid of the problem of breathing with your mouth in time. If you breathe with your mouth because your nose is not smooth due to rhinitis, you must treat it in time. If you are afraid of breathing with your mouth unconsciously after you fall asleep every night, wash your nostrils with water before going to bed. If you are afraid of snoring after sleep, remember, Lying on your back is the easiest way to snore, and lying on your side is the hardest way to treat snoring, but you must give yourself more encouragement and psychological hints.


In short, always check whether you are breathing with your nose, whether your lips are closed, and whether your tongue is close to your upper jaw. Finally, I wish all of us more and more beautiful.

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