If dinosaurs did not die out, but continued to evolve, what direction would the earth go?

6500 years ago, if dinosaurs had not been eliminated and continued to evolve, would humans still have a chance to be born?


Looking back on the history of the earth, there have been too many unusual events. Take the five mass extinctions as an example. It seems that they have been deliberately arranged. A large number of organisms have completely disappeared, the earth’s ecology has begun to restructure, and more new life has been born. If it is a coincidence, many people certainly do not believe it. If it is intentional, then who controls it? The extinction of dinosaurs 65 million years ago is shocking. The ferocious habits and sensitive limbs of dinosaurs make people admire. A creature as terrible as dinosaurs will go extinct, let alone human beings?


Why dinosaurs went extinct


The most convincing argument about the extinction of dinosaurs is the impact of asteroids. Many people think that if dinosaurs did not disappear, human beings could not appear. Is there any basis for this argument? In the age of dinosaurs, it can be called the overlord of the earth, and no creature can compete with it. However, in the process of evolution, it did not fully evolve successfully. The environmental changes caused by the asteroid explosion forced dinosaurs to go extinct. 6500 years ago, if dinosaurs had not been eliminated and continued to evolve, would humans still have a chance to be born?


It is understood that every 200 million years, there will be an ice age on the earth. After a sudden drop in temperature, the vegetation will be greatly reduced. Due to the cold environment, many creatures have to worry about food and clothing every day. The number of species on the earth is becoming less and less, and dinosaurs can not replenish energy. Therefore, it is difficult to compete with the environment and gradually disappear in the long river of history. How lucky is it that human beings can develop so far Luck, no one can threaten the survival of human beings, because human beings have a unique brain, which highlights the particularity.


If dinosaurs didn’t die out, how would the earth develop?


When dinosaurs occupied the earth, many creatures limited their reproduction and had no chance to breathe. Since the disappearance of dinosaurs, a large number of animals have multiplied rapidly. If there is no sudden change, dinosaurs can not be extinct. All the creatures in nature will become single and will not continue to evolve. It is the result of natural selection that human beings can become the masters of the earth. All this seems accidental, but it is not so simple.


In the course of human research, we found that the genes of gorillas are highly similar to those of humans. If humans did not succeed in evolution at that time, they might be the same as gorillas. Fortunately, human beings build their own civilization and possess supreme wisdom. It seems to be a foregone conclusion that they can become the masters of the earth. Almost no one can imagine that the extinction of dinosaurs is as if it had been designed and can not change the trend. Even if they return to the era of dinosaurs, they may not be able to avoid that disaster.


Throughout the history of human development, it has not been smooth sailing. During this period, we have experienced all kinds of tribulations. We have achieved our present achievements step by step until now. All this has not come easily. We should not only thank the nature, but also thank the dinosaurs, which gave us the opportunity to survive. If dinosaurs are still alive, it is estimated that there is nothing wrong with human beings. Human beings have to worry about avoiding dinosaurs every day. What do you think of that? You can leave a message for interaction.

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