If feathers pass through the atmosphere from space, will they eventually land on the ground? Do you remember the experiment?

If feathers pass through the atmosphere from space, will they eventually land on the ground? Do you remember the experiment?


Today, human beings can enter the universe and explore the unknown. We all know that the universe is a weightless environment. Even astronauts who have done layers of protection dare not act easily in space. I don’t know if you’ve ever thought about this question. If you drop a feather from space, can it land on the earth smoothly?


Can feathers fall back to earth?


Some people think that the weight of feathers can be ignored, so if it is thrown back to the earth, it will surely land safely, but it takes a very long time, but in fact this statement is very one-sided. Many people have heard of such experiments. In order to study the speed of free fall, Galileo once dropped the iron ball and feather from the same height at the same time. The experimental results were unexpected. The landing speed of the two is the same, so in space, the speed of the feather dropped can reach 2000 kilometers per second because there is no air resistance. Although the speed is extremely fast, it does not mean that it can safely return to the earth. There is a thick atmosphere all over the earth. If feathers enter the atmosphere at a super fast speed, they will release a lot of heat after being rubbed by the air, and the feathers will be burned before they fall to the earth.


This is also why we can see meteors. Most of the stars will not land on the earth. Due to the barrier of the atmosphere, comets will suffer heat and friction in the process of falling, which will make meteors explode in the air. This feather is the same principle. Some people may have doubts that space is a weightless environment, and feathers should float in the universe Why are they still falling?


Why do feathers fall?


When astronauts enter the universe, we can always see that they are in a weightless environment, just like the astronauts working on the international space station. In fact, the space station is also moving around the earth at a very fast speed, which can offset gravity. The environment of astronauts is not completely weightless, but a microgravity environment. So if you throw a feather from the international space station, it will move around the station in a short time, but it will also fall due to the influence of the earth’s gravity.


Some people think of a movie called “interstellar exploration”. At the beginning of the movie, the plot of skydiving appeared. This has happened in the real world. In 2012, a pilot from Austria landed at an altitude of 39 km. The whole descent took about 4 minutes and finally landed safely.


So in the process of exploring the universe, we are still faced with many unsolved mysteries. Xiaobian believes that with the development of science and education, people in the future will have a new understanding of the universe. What do you think?

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