If fungi were placed on Mars, would it evolve into life in a few years?

On the basis of human observation, Mars, one of the eight planets in the solar system, is considered to be the most suitable planet for human habitation. This is because Mars has a thin atmosphere on its surface. Through exploration and calculation, there is still water on Mars, so it is the most suitable planet for human habitation relative to human migration to Mars. Therefore, human beings began to plan to land on Mars for exploration.


Since Mars is suitable for human survival, if we put some fungi on Mars, will Mars give birth to life?



Fungi are different from animals and plants. They form a world of their own. They have an incredible ability to “rot”. Everywhere they go, they must be in a mess. They eat your clothes and your food, leaving you only rotten bananas. Carbon based organisms are terrified. But do you know that they are the great heroes of saving the world.


In ancient times, lignin in plants was insoluble, and no animal could digest it. As a result, more and more lignin was piled up on the earth, and the carbon in the air became thinner. As a result, plants could not carry out photosynthesis and release oxygen, and a large number of animals died. At this critical moment, the emergence of fungi saved the world.

It’s the only one in the world that can break down lignin, which brings the broken carbon cycle back to its original balance. Fungi are all over the world, helping us make beer and fermented dough. Penicillin was discovered by fungi, which saved hundreds of millions of people’s lives.


So it’s also known as a world changing superhero. So this superhero can change the earth, what about Mars? Is that ok?


In fact, the answer is very positive, that is, No. everyone should have an understanding of Mars. Although Mars has a better environment, it is actually very bad for human beings. The temperature difference here is very big, and there is no protection of the atmosphere, so the cosmic radiation is also very large.

Therefore, no living creature can survive on the surface of Mars. Even if human beings go to Mars, they have to wear thick spacesuits to survive. As for the establishment of a base on Mars, it is still a very distant goal. At least with the current level of science and technology, once human beings arrive at Mars, it is a one-way trip, and they will never return to the earth. This is a long way to go It’s like a death squad.


In fact, there are many reasons for the birth of life on earth. As long as there is one less, the earth may still be desolate. You know, from the distance between the earth’s volume and the sun, the earth and Mars are very similar, but we also see that the earth and Mars are two completely different planets. One of the most important reasons is that the earth has a very thick atmosphere, which is quite different In a protective layer, it insulates many dangers in the universe. And the atmosphere on Mars is very thin, almost negligible.


Another important reason is that the earth has a perfect magnetic field, which can also provide protection. Although the earth and Mars are very close to the sun, if there is no magnetic field, solar wind, solar flares will be directed to the ground, and such radiation can hardly survive, let alone form such a complex ecological chain.

In fact, human beings do not know about the alien civilizations in the solar system other than the earth, and they still have doubts about the existence of life in the solar system, because in addition to Mars, there are also some planets that have the basic conditions for the birth of life, such as Europa and Enceladus. Scientists speculate that there may be liquid oceans in these planets. However, in the presence of liquid oceans, there are many problems In the environment of water, life has a chance to be born.


However, the technological level of human beings is not enough to support us to go to Mars to explore in person, so all this is only theoretical. Only when our technological level is further developed in the future can we find some signs of extraterrestrial life.


What do you think of life on Mars? Welcome to comment area.

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