If God created man, where did God come from? The explanation of scientists is like this!

Until now, scientists have not found a second earth. In such a big universe, it seems that only the earth gave birth to intelligent life. With the development of science and technology, we adhere to Darwin’s theory of evolution for the origin of human beings. In ancient times, people had no scientific consciousness. In their eyes, human beings were created by immortals.




In the thousands of years of human civilization development history, creationism has been leading the way of human civilization. With the emergence of science, creationism has been pushed down the altar. In fairy tales, human beings are bred by Adam and Eve’s eating forbidden fruit, so human beings are also created by God. If the creationism is true, how does God appear? Nothing in the world can be created out of thin air. There must be a source. For example, the problem of chicken or egg spread on the Internet seems to fall into an endless cycle. Although scientists have also studied this problem, there is no final conclusion.


Just like creationism, if human beings are created by gods, how does life come into being? There seems to be no answer to this question, but how do scientists explain it? As we all know, the origin of the universe is the singularity big bang. Before the big bang, there was no matter in the universe. After the explosion, all kinds of basic elements were produced, thus falling into a new round of growth. Then the problem came one after another. How did the singularity come into being?


A Pluralistic Universe


Some people think that maybe there is another space outside the universe, the universe is pluralistic, and maybe the singularity that caused the explosion of the universe was created by the civilization of another world. Although the answer seems logical, how did the civilization of another world emerge? These questions are chain effects. When we solve one of them, we will find that there will be more and more questions.


In fact, there is no end to science. We have existed on the earth for millions of years. Although we have become the masters of the earth, in the vast universe, human beings are not enough to mention. Perhaps before the emergence of human beings, there were other intelligent civilizations on the earth. The earth itself is a cycle of civilization. We are not knocked down by endless questions, but continue to explore tirelessly.


Although people in ancient times yearned for the sky and hoped to fly like birds one day, it only stayed at the level of imagination. Who would have thought that we have really created high technology now, which can not only fly in the sky, but also go to the distant universe. These are the significance of human exploration of science. In the process of continuous exploration, we can find and solve problems And improve their own level, into a higher level of civilization.

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