If human activities are not stopped, what will the earth look like in the next 100 million years?

If human activities are not stopped, what will the earth look like in the next 100 million years?


The earth has given birth to countless lives. It is precisely because it provides such a suitable environment that more lives will be born. However, human activities have led to the disappearance of many lives, which is very sad. Human beings have lived on the earth for millions of years. No matter whether human beings will continue to exist in the future, there are bound to be many other lives alive.


When some scientists were studying, they also found that many animals in the dinosaur period survived strongly and continued to evolve. It is not easy for everyone to exist on the earth. Human activities are related to the survival of the earth. Many people have raised a question: if organisms continue to evolve, what will the earth look like in the next 100 million years? What direction will it develop? If human activities are not stopped, what will the earth look like in the next 100 million years?


First of all, it is certain that the earth’s environment is closely related to human activities as well as natural activities. During the dinosaur mass extinction 65 million years ago, some people speculated that an asteroid hit the earth. Human power is small, it is difficult to prevent the occurrence of these disasters, so we can only observe their trajectory and direction of travel to make predictions. If these asteroids really hit the earth, there is nothing we can do.


At the beginning of the birth of life, most of it existed in the form of organic matter and single cell. After a long period of time, the Cambrian period 540 million years ago saw the explosion of life on earth. More and more organisms appeared one after another and began to evolve into multicellular organisms. If we look at these organisms with our current eyes, they are just like monsters.


In the process of research, scientists also found an ancient creature, it is the strange insects. Unlike ordinary insects, its back and abdomen are covered with tentacles, which few people know. It took a long time for scientists to find its tail. As for where its head is, there is no definite conclusion. This strange creature on earth must have evolved naturally. After human activities, the earth has become miserable. In order to adapt to this environment, many organisms may have evolved special mechanisms, or marine organisms may have evolved feet to walk on land, which is not sure.


Everyone has potential. In order to survive, many creatures can only adapt to the environment. If human activities are no longer stopped, the development of the whole world will be unimaginable in the next 100 million years. Maybe there are already new species to replace human beings. So what we can do now is to manage our behavioral activities. Only when the earth becomes better, can human beings survive unharmed To destroy the nature of the earth, everything in the future is inconclusive. What do you think the earth will be like in 100 million years? You can leave a message for interaction.

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