If human beings are immortal in the future, is it a good thing or a bad thing?

Life is the most complex and magical thing after the birth of the universe. Although life is very magical, the universe has attached a very strict law to life, that is the law of life and death. No life, from simple to complex, can escape the shackles of the law of life and death. The higher the life is, the stronger the shackles of life and death are.

Human beings are the only intelligent life on earth. Through continuous evolution and development, they have gradually become the present scientific and technological civilization from the primitive civilization. Whether from the era of primitive civilization or the modern era of advanced science and technology, the dream of immortality and immortality has never stopped. In ancient feudal dynasties, many emperors had the dream of immortality, such as the famous Qin Shihuang.

In order to live forever, the first emperor sent Xu Fu, one of his powerful men, to look for the elixir of immortality overseas. However, the final result was that Qin Shihuang did not wait for the so-called elixir of immortality until his death. Li Shimin, the emperor of the Tang Dynasty, also had a dream of immortality in his later years. He looked for some Taoists to refine the elixir of immortality for him, but the result was the same. Death took him away.


With the passage of time, mankind has entered the era of science and technology. People in the age of science and technology should analyze and think from a scientific point of view when they look at anything. Then, after human beings have scientific ideas, will they stop thinking about immortality? In fact, the result is just the opposite. It is precisely when human beings see the power and greatness of science that they have the dream of immortality.

Because in the world of science, nothing is impossible. No matter in the universe or any law can escape from the scope of science. As long as the mystery of life and the mystery of life and death are solved by the power of science, then it is possible to completely open the shackles and let human beings achieve immortality. Theoretically, this possibility exists.

Now, scientists have been actively exploring to decipher the human gene code. As long as we fully understand the human gene, then the law of life and death hidden in the gene may be successfully deciphered by us. The realization of immortality in the future may not only be a dream, but may become a fact.

So someone raised such a question: if human beings really live forever in the future, is it a good thing or a bad thing? Maybe in many people’s hearts, they want to live longer, or even live forever. Ask a friend who is reading this article with a mobile phone, do you want to live forever? If you say you don’t want to, you are deceiving yourself. No one can resist the temptation of eternal life.


The reason why you don’t want to do it now is because you know that human technology can’t do it now. If tomorrow suddenly there is a elixir of immortality landing in front of you, drink it and you can live forever, will you still say no? It is estimated that you will immediately pick it up and drink it. This is the status of immortality in human heart.

Everyone thinks that they can achieve immortality and immortality. However, when this dream is finally realized one day in the future, it may not be a good thing for human beings. On the contrary, it will bring endless troubles and even bring great disasters to the whole human civilization.

Some people may say that since human beings are immortal, society should be more harmonious, and human civilization should be able to develop faster. How can there be endless troubles and disasters? In fact, as long as we think about it carefully, you will find that things are far from as simple as we think.


If everyone is immortal in the future, and there is no longer the threat of death, the first worry for mankind is that the population will increase rapidly. Once the population increases greatly, the pressure on the earth will increase greatly. At that time, the earth will be more and more unable to meet the living needs of human beings. At the same time, we will also face another problem, that is, food.

As long as people live, they need to eat. With the rapid growth of population, they will occupy a lot of land, and even the ocean will build cities to meet people’s living needs. If a large amount of land is occupied by houses, the land that can be planted for food will be greatly reduced, and the food production will also be greatly reduced, and the basic problem of people’s food may become more and more serious.

Of course, at that time, humans might have been able to migrate to other planets in the solar system, such as Mars. Although Mars can divert part of human beings and reduce the pressure on the earth, as time goes on, the population of the earth is still growing explosively, and Mars can’t hold any more. At that time, human beings may have to consider alien immigration. But the premise is that we need to achieve the most basic interstellar navigation.

Some people may say that human beings are immortal. In order to reduce the pressure of the earth and the consumption of resources, we can only strictly control the birth population. This method is good, so it is not so easy for human beings to have children after they achieve immortality. I believe that at that time, both 80 year olds and young people wanted to have more children.


But at this time, all kinds of approval are needed to give birth to a child. Not everyone wants to give birth. As a result, there are fewer and fewer young people and more and more old people in the human world. We should know that for the development of a civilization, the existence of young people is very important. They have vitality, passion and positive spirit.

However, when young people become rare animals and old people become the mainstream in human civilization, the development potential and speed of the whole human civilization will be reduced. At the same time, there will be many problems in people’s daily life, communication and work. For example, immortality can keep a person young forever, so this situation will appear in the future immortality era: we can’t judge a person’s age by appearance. Maybe your colleagues are more than 100 years old, and you don’t know the other person’s real age. If you think it’s your age, you should take it as an example It’s called by the same generation.

Even a lot of lovers, the age difference will be more than 100 years, of course, the age limit, human beings have achieved immortality, an 18-year-old and a 180 year old love is not a matter. But the real problem is that some morality handed down from human civilization may no longer exist. Because at that time, in the human world, there were all young faces, without an old face. What was the name between people? Do you want everyone to be clearly marked with their age? This is obviously impossible.


It can be seen that if human civilization really enters the age of immortality, it will not be a good thing for human civilization. At that time, the whole human civilization will be completely aged and there will be very few young people. For most people, immortality is not a good medicine but a poison, which will seriously restrict one’s enthusiasm and will to struggle.

Just imagine, you are immortal, you will struggle? Most people believe that they will only enjoy, not struggle. In this way, the development of human civilization will stagnate, which will seriously restrict the progress of human civilization to a higher level. Only when the law of life and death has been binding us, can human civilization maintain a rapid upgrading mode until it becomes a powerful civilization or even the overlord of the universe.

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