If human beings can continue to develop, what will be the fate of the earth and human beings in 1000 years?

Human civilization is a great civilization, since 300 years ago, the beginning of the industrial revolution, mankind has entered the era of rapid development of science and technology. In the past hundred years, the development of science and technology is a leap forward. Human civilization is driven by science and technology, and people’s life is getting better and better. Human beings began to go out of the earth to explore the universe. Science and technology has enabled us to have more and more knowledge of the nature and truth of the world, and also enabled us to have more and more knowledge of the universe.

However, the rapid development of science and technology has also brought serious damage to the earth’s environment. We do not know how long the earth’s resources can last, whether the earth’s environment can be improved in the future. If the earth’s environment continues to deteriorate, sooner or later it will not be able to adapt to the survival of mankind. What will we do then?

Due to the limitation of human life, life is short. We can only predict the future, but can’t feel it personally. So someone asked a question: if human beings can continue to develop, what will the earth look like in 1000 years? What will be the fate of mankind? 1000 years seems a long time, but it is a very short time for the development of a civilization.


It was only about 6000 years ago that human civilization began with written records. 1000 years ago, China was still in the Song Dynasty. I believe many friends studying history were familiar with this dynasty. At that time, there was basically no science and technology in the world, and the more advanced science and technology was the initial use of gunpowder. Basically, it is still in the age of cold weapons.

Human science and technology civilization began 300 years ago, and the era of rapid development began 100 years ago. Therefore, human beings can have the developed science and technology in the past 100 years. It can be seen that the development of human beings after entering the scientific and technological civilization is very fast. With this development speed, earth shaking changes will inevitably take place in the earth after 1000 years, and the future of human beings will be better.

The essence of a civilized development is energy, especially the development of science and technology needs a lot of resources and energy. Every energy revolution will bring great progress to mankind, from the early steam engine to the later electric energy, nuclear energy and so on. So what will be the main energy of mankind in 1000 years? What great changes will it bring to human beings?

Now the main energy used by human civilization is chemical energy, and people’s life is basically electric energy. However, chemical energy uses the non renewable resources on the earth that have been formed for hundreds of millions of years. If they are used up, they will be gone. And chemical energy pollution to the environment is very serious, therefore, scientists have been studying a new type of efficient clean and pollution-free energy to replace the chemical energy.


So what kind of energy can completely replace chemical energy, but also clean and pollution-free? That’s fusion energy. I believe many people have heard of nuclear fusion energy. Hydrogen nuclear fusion happens all the time inside the sun, and its energy is stronger than we can imagine. Recently, there is a science fiction film wandering earth, in which scientists push the earth away from the solar system by installing tens of thousands of planetary engines around the world.

The planetary engine in wandering earth uses heavy element nuclear fusion, which is a higher level application of nuclear fusion. Although we also have nuclear power applications, such as nuclear power plants, they are all applications of nuclear fission. The energy of nuclear fission is limited, and it has strong radiation and pollution, so it can not be widely used.

Only truly controllable fusion can be an efficient, powerful and pollution-free energy source. According to the conjecture of scientists, it is possible that human beings will have another 100 years to master controllable nuclear fusion and carry out primary application. Then, 1000 years later, the main energy source of mankind is nuclear fusion. At that time, the research and application of nuclear fusion have reached a higher level, and nuclear fusion has been popularized all over the world, completely replacing chemical fuels.


1000 years later, with the comprehensive application of nuclear fusion, the earth will no longer have industrial pollution. The earth’s environment is getting better step by step, reappearing the beautiful environment of blue sky and white clouds, clear lake water, birds singing and flowers fragrance. At the same time, people’s daily life is also used by nuclear fusion batteries, nuclear fusion power, etc. with the complete mastery of nuclear fusion, people no longer have to worry about energy.

After 1000 years, the earth’s environment will become better and better, but the global population is increasing. Now the global population is about 7 billion, and in 1000 years, this number may exceed 30 billion. In addition to the continuous birth of new babies, another important reason is that with the rapid development of science and technology, the level of medical care is getting higher and higher.

After 1000 years, it is possible for human beings to fully grasp the genetic code of human body, 99% of diseases will be conquered, and people will no longer have to worry about being killed by diseases. Except for a few unknown viruses, there will be no more viruses that can threaten human life. Coupled with the emergence of various genetic drugs, human life expectancy will increase significantly, and the average life expectancy may exceed 200 years in 1000 years.

With the continuous growth of global population, the living space of the earth is becoming smaller and smaller. In order to accommodate more people, high-rise buildings continue to appear. Today’s 100 storey high-rise buildings are only low buildings in 1000 years. Many high-rise buildings will exceed 500 meters or even thousands of meters.


With the comprehensive application of nuclear fusion energy, there are also a large number of aircraft. After 1000 years, there will be a large number of flying vehicles shuttling in the sky every day. With the change of the earth, let’s talk about the human space exploration plan.

1000 years later, mankind mastered controllable nuclear fusion, and the national space exploration program began. With nuclear fusion energy, we can make a nuclear fusion engine, which can make the spacecraft fly at the speed of sublight. With sub light speed spacecraft, we can go out of the solar system, explore other galaxies near the solar system, and go outside the solar system to find a new earth suitable for human survival.

Therefore, 1000 years later, human beings have stepped out of the solar system and explored many earth like planets suitable for human survival. The human space migration program has also started, which can just lighten the burden of the earth with its growing population. At the same time, human civilization has stepped out of the solar system and started space colonization.


Of course, there will be a lot of changes in the earth after 1000 years, and there will be a lot of changes in human civilization. The above is only described from the aspect of energy, and we will discuss it from other aspects in the future. Guys, what do you think of this? Welcome to leave a message below to discuss and express your opinions.

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