If human beings disappear and a new civilization is born 65 million years later, will we find that we exist?

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, born 4.6 billion years ago, about 3.8 billion years ago, the earth’s early life was born. Then life has evolved continuously to form the present colorful world of species. In the long life of billions of years, no species can survive for billions of years, and basically all species will disappear at some time in the future.

Even the dinosaurs, which ruled the earth for 160 million years 65 million years ago, eventually died out due to the impact of an asteroid. In such a long life span, scientists can’t figure out which specific organisms have appeared. We can also roughly infer the life development course of the earth in different periods through some geological discoveries and fossil discoveries.

I believe many friends have seen all kinds of legends about prehistoric civilization on the Internet. Some people speculate that before the birth of mankind, there were other intelligent life and powerful civilization on the earth. But later these civilizations disappeared, and even some legends say that human beings are only the fifth civilization of the earth. Before human beings, there have been four highly developed civilizations on the earth, which are much stronger than human beings.


So are these legends about prehistoric civilization correct? Has there ever been an intelligent civilization far more developed than human beings on earth? In fact, it’s not too difficult to solve this mystery. As long as we make another assumption, we can suddenly realize it. This assumption is: if human beings disappear one day in the future, 65 million years later, a new civilization will be born, will we find that we exist?

Dinosaurs died out about 65 million years ago. After the extinction of dinosaurs, 65 million years later, human civilization was born. So, we can imagine that if human beings are extinct, a new civilization may be born 65 million years later. It takes a long time for any life to evolve from ordinary life to intelligent life.

However, as long as life begins to evolve to intelligent life, the speed of later evolution is very fast. The evolution time of human from ape to intelligent life was about 5 million years ago. Once there is a trend of evolution to intelligent life, the speed of human evolution will be very fast, so it only took millions of years to form human civilization.

Therefore, 65 million years after the extinction of mankind, there will be the birth of a new intelligent civilization and become the new overlord of the earth. When this civilization enters the era of science and technology, is it possible to discover that there was a brilliant human civilization 65 million years ago? Some people may think that 65 million years ago, time can erase all traces of human existence. It is impossible for a new civilization to know that a human civilization once existed on the earth.


So is that really the case? Of course not. We need to understand what human beings rely on to understand the history of the earth and its billions of years of life? It depends on a lot of geological changes, all kinds of paleontological fossils found under the surface. Through these discoveries, we know that there was only one plate on the earth 234 million years ago, and then it split into six plates.

Through geological discovery, we also know that 234 million years ago, with a series of ecological upheavals caused by the plate splitting, the earth had a continuous rainfall of 1 million years, which killed more than 80% of life, but made dinosaurs. Our understanding of the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago is also based on various dinosaur fossils found around the world.

It can be seen that time can not completely erase the traces of life, but the traces of human civilization on the surface of the earth. For example, no matter how high the building is, it will collapse and no matter how long the road is, it will be buried. 65 million years ago, enough time to erase all traces of human beings on the earth’s surface, and time can also erase those man-made satellites in earth orbit.


Some people may think that man-made satellites are in space and will not disappear even in tens of millions of years. But this is not the case. Without man-made satellites, they are space garbage. Although they can exist for a longer time, they will eventually fall into the atmosphere and burn away. Therefore, 65 million years later, there will be no human satellites or other spacecraft in outer space.

Although a lot of human traces will be erased by time, there will also be a lot of human traces that will be preserved. These human traces basically exist under the surface of the earth. The space under the earth’s surface is a natural and powerful storage space. It is only when we find various fossils of paleontology under the earth’s surface that we have an understanding of the life history of the earth.

Humans are the largest race on earth, with a population of 7.5 billion. With such a huge population, if the earth has undergone drastic changes in the future, leading to the extinction of human beings, then there will be a very small part of the fossils will be sealed under the surface of the earth. And 65 million years can not eliminate the biological fossils. We should know that the paleontological fossils hundreds of millions of years ago can be preserved to this day.

This can be seen from the discovery of a large number of dinosaur fossils around the world. The reason why we can find a large number of dinosaur fossils now is that there were a large number of dinosaurs 65 million years ago and they were widely distributed. With the huge number of dinosaurs and the advantage of global distribution, even if the dinosaurs disappear, there will be a large number of dinosaur fossils sealed up by nature, so that today’s human discovery.


The number of human beings far exceeds that of dinosaurs 65 million years ago, not to mention the distribution of human beings in every corner of the earth’s surface. Therefore, even in the future, human beings will encounter the disaster of extinction and disappear in the long river of history. There will still be a lot of human fossils sealed up by nature, waiting for the discovery of new civilization.

In addition to human skeleton fossils, all kinds of human science and technology products will also be buried underground to become fossils. Everyone has to use countless tools and supplies in his life. Many of these things will be buried underground, and some machinery, equipment, devices and parts, cars, ships, airplanes, even previous carriages, farming tools and so on, may be buried in the ground in large quantities, petrified in tens of millions of time, forming a large number of fossils.

In addition, there are all kinds of building materials used by human beings, including neatly cut granite, marble, fired bricks, ceramic tiles, reinforced concrete, as well as long highway, railway relics and house relics. All these things may be fossilized into permanent fossils in a long geological time, not to mention some made of crystal, gold and alloy It’s too late. Even the amber of more than 100 million years ago can be preserved until now. The whole earth’s surface has almost been completely changed by human beings. There will be countless obvious features and objects left for the intelligent civilization to explore after 65 million years.


It can be seen that even if human extinction disappears, there will be a large number of traces of civilization sealed in the earth’s interior, waiting for the new civilization to explore and discover. Therefore, the traces of human civilization can not disappear completely, and the new civilization can also see a brilliant human civilization 65 million years ago through the discovery of these fossils.

After reading these, I believe that my friends have the answer to whether the prehistoric civilization spread on the Internet exists. In fact, the answer is obvious. If prehistoric civilization, which is much stronger than human beings, really existed, then the traces of civilization would not disappear completely from the earth. Even if we can’t find them on the surface, there would be many traces of civilization under the surface.

But the truth is that we have found a lot of biological fossils in different periods under the earth’s surface, but only found any fossils related to prehistoric civilization. Doesn’t that make us very confused? Even if the trace fossils of prehistoric civilization have not been found until now, the existence of prehistoric civilization can be basically ruled out.

Human is probably the first intelligent civilization since the birth of life on earth. As for whether there will be a second and a third intelligent civilization in the future, no one knows. It’s just that there are no two tigers in one mountain. Now the earth has human civilization. In the years when human beings dominate the earth, it is basically impossible to have the birth of a new intelligent civilization.


Unless human beings die out due to the ecological upheaval of the earth one day in the future, or when the earth can’t survive, human beings choose interstellar migration, leave the earth, leave the solar system, and go to other galaxies to survive. When there is no human on the earth, the earth’s ecology will return to beauty again after hundreds of millions of years of self-healing. At that time, there may be the birth of new life and new civilization.

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