If human beings disappear suddenly, who will be the new overlord of the earth? This kind of creature is unexpected

The earth has a life history of 4 billion years, in the long life years, there have been a large number of various creatures. At different stages of life, there will be a kind of overlord creatures. For example, in the giant insect era 300 million years ago, insects that we don’t like now dominated the earth. Their huge size dominated the biological world of the earth.

After the end of the giant insect era, the dinosaur era began. After 160 million years of evolution, dinosaurs became the most widespread and the largest number of overlord creatures on the earth at that time. Unfortunately, 65 million years ago, an asteroid impact ended the age of dinosaurs.

After the end of the age of dinosaurs, mammals began to rise. Millions of years ago, the ancestors of human beings were born. The hegemony of human beings over the earth is different from that of other creatures. Other creatures rely on strength to dominate the earth, while human beings rely on wisdom to dominate the earth.


Human beings rely on wisdom to survive and develop in the complex and changeable ecological environment of the earth. Ten thousand years ago, human beings formed primitive civilization. After continuous development, human civilization embarked on the road of scientific and Technological Development hundreds of years ago, truly ushered in the sublimation and achieved a qualitative leap.

Although human beings are great, we can see from the whole life history of the earth that no creature can dominate the earth forever. Whether it is the giant insect era that once dominated for a while or the dinosaur era that lasted for 160 million years, it will come to an end for various reasons. So some people speculate that human beings may not be able to become the overlord of the earth forever, and they may disappear for some reason in the future.

If human beings suddenly disappear, and then after a long period of ecological evolution, the earth will have a new overlord, will usher in a new era. So who will be the new overlord of the earth? This kind of creature may not be thought of by many people.

There are hundreds of creatures on the earth, among which mammals are the mainstream. Many people may think that if human beings disappear, the new overlord of the earth may be one of the mammals. If you think so, you may be very wrong. Yes, mammals do have more genetic similarities with humans, especially chimpanzees, whose genes are 99% similar to humans.


Without the existence of human beings, many people would think that chimpanzees or other primates would become the new overlord. However, through research and analysis, we believe that primates have little hope of dominating the earth. It is not only primates, but also other mammals that are unlikely to become the new overlord. On the contrary, in our eyes, very small ants may become the new overlord of the earth.

Maybe a lot of people will be very surprised, tiny ants, we can trample a lot with one foot, how can we only replace human beings as the new overlord? It’s a bit ridiculous. If you think so, it only means that you don’t know much about ants. If you really know ants, you will make the same guess as me. You will also think that ants are most likely to become the new overlord after the disappearance of human beings. So what’s so special about ants?

We need to understand that any creature that wants to replace human beings and become the new overlord of the earth needs to have some advantages, such as strong power, relatively smart, and human like social groups. Among these conditions, the group social form similar to human is the most important. We should know that there are millions of creatures on the earth, and it is precisely because of the wisdom that our ancestors have formed a complex group life pattern that they can become the overlord of the earth with their weak bodies.


Ants are also colony creatures, and their colony nature is more advanced than other colony creatures. No matter what you do, it’s very orderly and regular. Each ant colony has a leader who can lead the whole colony to organize activities.

Ants are not only highly organized, but also highly cooperative, which is not comparable to other organisms. Only humans and ants can achieve this kind of highly coordinated and organized biological group. So in terms of high colony, ants are most like humans, and it is a very important indicator to become the overlord of the earth.

Some people may say that although the ant colony is very powerful, it is impossible for them to compete with other creatures because they are too small, and their strength and endurance are too small. So is the strength and endurance of ants really weak? If you think so, it’s a big mistake.

In fact, the strength and endurance of ants are not weak at all. Relatively speaking, ants are the most powerful creatures on earth. According to statistics from a study, wild ants can bear objects 5000 times heavier than themselves, which is far inferior to other creatures, including humans.


Moreover, the group fighting cohesion of ants is very strong. When they face danger or carry food, they will unite with each other and work together to bring food home. According to a study in the journal progress in science, even if an ant is injured in combat, most of them will continue to fight, and the injured ant will be taken back to the nest to recuperate.

Finally, the ant’s navigation ability is also very strong, once separated from his partner, will use the sun and the original memory to find a companion or return to the nest. It can be seen that ants are indeed a very powerful creature. The reason why they are not called overlord in today’s biological world, but become the bottom of the biological world is that ants are too small.

The small size of the individual ant makes it very limited to fight against other creatures. However, most ants kill elephants, but the number of ants is enough to play an effective group gathering power. As time goes on, other creatures will not be the rivals of ants.


The reason why ants can’t rise today is mainly due to the existence of human beings. For example, mammals 65 million years ago, under the domination of dinosaurs, can’t really grow up. They always exist at the bottom of the biosphere. Until the end of dinosaurs, there was the rise of mammals.

The same is true of ants. When human beings disappear from the earth, the spring of ants will come. At that time, the population of ants will increase rapidly. According to the current research, there are at least 11700 species of ants in the world, including 21 subfamilies and 283 genera, which is a very huge biological empire. At the same time, the life span of ants is relatively long, which can reach about 10 years, and the relatively long life span has become an obvious advantage.

Of course, if ants want to be the overlord of the earth, they must be able to do so after human beings disappear. If human beings do not disappear and live on the earth all the time, then no matter ants or other creatures will rise one day. However, it is still unknown whether human beings will disappear in the future.

In terms of the biological history of the earth, there is no living thing that can last forever, and will usher in the day of extinction. However, human beings are intelligent life, and they have also embarked on the road of developing people through science and technology. With the help of science and technology, human eyes will not be limited to the earth, but the vast sea of stars.


As long as human beings become interstellar civilization, then the earth will no longer be able to bind us, and human steps will spread all over the universe. At that time, the dominant position of human in the earth will be more consolidated, and other creatures can only continue to live under the dominant position of human. Of course, if human beings disappear because of some disaster before they become interstellar civilization, then the earth creatures will compete again and finally choose a new earth overlord.

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