If human beings discover the planet of life, what will they do with the life on it? You don’t think of the answer

The earth is a beautiful planet of life, in addition to many creatures, there are also intelligent human beings. After a long period of evolution and development, human beings have entered the road of science and technology. With the help of science and technology, today’s human beings have stepped out of the earth and begun to explore the mysteries of the universe.

The universe is vast and vast. For human beings, it is a completely strange and mysterious field. Scientists are most concerned about whether there are life planets like the earth and intelligent life like human beings in the universe. If we don’t walk out of the earth, we may doubt the possibility of extraterrestrial life and extraterrestrial civilization.

However, when human beings walk out of the earth and see the vast universe, this idea will not exist. Scientists believe that alien civilization exists, and the same life planet as the Earth naturally exists. In recent decades, scientists have found hundreds of earth like planets outside the solar system through telescopes, which are very similar to the earth. They may have life. It is impossible to observe whether there is life on it with the current technology of human beings.


Although human science and technology can not go out of the solar system to explore the extragalactic sky, with the rapid development of science and technology, it is believed that in the near future, it will not be a dream to go out of the earth to explore the whole galaxy. At that time, human beings may find many living planets. So someone raised a novel question: if human beings find a life planet in the future, how will they treat the life on it?

If the future science and technology of mankind develops to the interstellar age, for example, the speed of spaceship has realized the speed of light flight or even superluminal flight, then it is an inevitable trend to expand to the galaxy, and interstellar colonization. Human beings will also go out of the solar system and migrate to various planets, so that human beings can walk all over the galaxy. If we want to achieve interstellar migration, the planet that humans choose to colonize must also be a planet very similar to the earth, so as to adapt to human survival.

However, the earth like planets in the universe, which are similar to or even the same as the earth, are very likely to have life. If this planet has already given birth to abundant life, how should humans treat them? In fact, I believe many friends are interested in this issue. We can’t make it clear in the future, but the environment of the universe may also abide by the dark forest law.

If intelligent life has not yet been born on the life planet discovered, it’s just some creatures without wisdom. Human beings just regard them as some ornamental animals and plants, which can’t stop the pace of human colonization. Of course, it also depends on whether there are large ferocious animals on the planet that can seriously threaten human life, such as the dinosaur age 65 million years ago.


If the planet where human beings immigrated is a planet like the dinosaur age, and there are dinosaur like beasts on the planet, if human beings want to survive safely on this planet, they may have to eliminate these large beasts, leaving behind those animals that are not so dangerous to human beings. This is a situation where there is no intelligent life. If the discovered planet has already given birth to intelligent life and formed its own civilization, then the road of colonization may be difficult.

Some people may say that it’s OK to wipe out all the original inhabitants of the planet directly? In fact, if we do this, we will also be condemned by our conscience. If we exterminate some animals without wisdom, we may feel better. But if it is the same intelligent life as human beings, it may be very sad to get their conscience. In this case, what should human beings do?

In fact, if a living planet already has intelligent life, it is not necessarily a bad thing. It mainly depends on the degree of development of these alien civilizations. If it is still in the primitive society, there will not be much obstacle to the human colonial plan. As long as human beings play the role of God stick, dress up as gods and fool the primitive residents into thinking that human beings are heaven God will come down to earth and successfully take possession of the planet.


But if the alien civilization has entered the road of scientific and technological development, and also knows the existence of the universe, then if we want to occupy this planet, we may only launch an interstellar war. If we don’t want to start a war and cause death, we have to give up colonizing the planet. It may also be a very good ending.

Of course, if human beings discover the planet of life, and the civilization on it is stronger than human beings, then we are the weak side. What we can do is to avoid such civilization. If the alien civilization is willing to communicate with human beings with goodwill, it is good to say that if it comes with malice, then human civilization will also come to a great disaster.

Although we have no contact with the real alien civilization now, we believe that in the vast universe, even if there is a very small probability of the birth of civilization, the number of civilization in the universe will be too large to be estimated, and the number of civilization in our galaxy may also be very large. But the position of the solar system is too far, and we can’t get out of the solar system, so we can’t find alien civilization.

The universe has been born for 13.8 billion years. About 5.8 billion years ago, the universe stabilized. At this time, the universe has the conditions for the birth of life. If human beings were born millions of years ago, there may be many intelligent lives in the universe that are older than human beings. Their development time may be tens of thousands, tens of millions or even hundreds of millions of years longer than human beings.


Therefore, in the big family of cosmic civilization, human beings may still be at the bottom of civilization. With more and more understanding of the universe, human beings will feel the horror of the universe. In the future, mankind will come out of the solar system. At that time, contact with alien civilizations is also a probable event. It is also an unknown whether it is a blessing or a curse for mankind. We can only hope that mankind is lucky enough, and the alien civilizations encountered are well intentioned civilizations. In this case, through communication, we can greatly enhance the strength of human civilization and make mankind stronger step by step Come on, when we become the real powerful civilization in the universe, we can walk sideways. Now we can only grow obscene, don’t wave.

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