If human beings leave the earth, which creatures will become the next ruler? Listen to the experts

As we all know, after the earth encounters a huge disaster, there must be species extinction. According to Darwin’s theory of evolution, the fittest survive, and the living creatures rebuild the ecosystem.

This was the case in the age of dinosaurs 65 million years ago. With the extinction of dinosaurs and the birth of human beings, dinosaurs have successfully become the dominator of the earth’s trust.


In recent years, Hawking predicted that the earth will be hit by an asteroid in 2032, saying that this impact is likely to lead to the end of the world, and human beings will be destroyed in 2032.

This prediction is based on calculation. In 2032, a planet will hit the earth. According to the speed and angle of the impact, the power of the planet will increase nearly 100 times than usual, equivalent to more than 3000 missiles bombing the earth at the same time. This is almost unimaginable.

So some people guess that maybe before the end of the world, human beings will migrate to other planets, and whether the world will be destroyed is no longer a question for human beings to consider.


Some people boldly imagine that if all human beings migrate away and are no longer on the earth, which animals will take the initiative and be called the new masters of the earth?

Just seeing the possibility, this illusion may be encircled. I don’t know what kind of creatures can replace the dominant position of human beings. Human beings are so fierce that even the most ferocious creatures will be subdued by human beings.


Want to be able to replace human rule of the earth, it must have tenacious vitality and wisdom. Experts give three answers.

The first is mice. Since ancient times, mice have been beaten by everyone. Mice have strong fecundity and are not picky about their living environment. They can only have a hole in a stinky ditch.

At any time, human beings will carry out the war of killing rats. If human beings are not on the earth, then mice will multiply.


The second is orangutan. Orangutan and human have many similarities, which can be said to be the closest to human beings.

They have strong learning ability and problem-solving ability, can make tools, can walk upright like us, and even can work as a team.


If there were no human beings, it might be them that have evolved intelligent civilization on earth.

The third is cockroaches. As we all know, cockroaches are undead. Cockroaches have been living on the earth for nearly 400 million years. They have been living on the earth with super fecundity and adaptability.

Moreover, cockroaches are not afraid of all kinds of radiation. No matter how hard the environment is, they can survive “strongly”. Therefore, cockroaches may become the next ruler.


Xiao Bian believes that with the continuous development of science and technology, if one day human beings really die out, no animal on the earth is likely to become an intelligent species to control the earth.

If you really want to say why, then artificial intelligence is more likely to replace human beings. Although they are created by human beings, their ability and potential are very great.


They are not only more suitable for living on the earth than human beings, but also can travel freely in the universe. They can create hundreds of themselves without restriction.

After all, the universe is constantly changing, and it must be higher intelligent life that can be the master. What do you think? Welcome to comment area.

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